Sunday we will celebrate Father’s day. My husband Mike and Sara have been planning their day for a while. Both of them decided they do not want to go to a fancy restaurant, no breakfast in bed,or other boring, typical, Mother’s Day activities. They have a great relationship that is very very different than the one I have with Sara. They want to go on their own adventure which usually means they want to fish at the brook by our house. Sara has been fishing with my husband since she was in a stroller.  Dad takes her to pick up her fishing license every year. This particular year they came home with more than the fishing license. Sara bought a pair of wading boots and a fishing vest. When I asked her why she bought this extra fishing gear, Sara stated, “I want to look like Dad”.  Oh my gosh…… this would not be a good thing. My husband only wears jeans, t shirts, and is dress code stuck in l977….. I am letting it slide though because it is a great form of flattery when Sara wants to emulate her Dad. She loves to “work” with him on the cars, make home repairs, anything that he is doing is fine with her. Mike is great at fishing, he is great at fixing cars, he is great at telling a joke and Sara looks up to him. So yes, dress like your father, wear your waders and have a cool fishing vest.

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If Sunday is like their other fish adventures it will start at the top of our steep hill. They will spy the ground to see animal prints and determine which animals have been in the area. If they are lucky they might spot some of their favorite animals that they have sighted- deer, turkeys, a river otter, bunnies, a red fox,  and my favorite the Great Blue Heron. If we see the Heron we know we are in the good fishing spot because Heron’s are such great fishing birds. If we had enough rain that means you need your waders to get to the island, the best of the best fishing on the Moodna Creek. Mike’s maternal side will click in and Sara will have a hat for the sun, sunscreen, bug spray , bandaids just in case and plenty of cold water. Mike will lug a folding chair for his princess in case she gets tired and doesn’t want to sit down in the muddy banks. They will look for Indian arrowheads, and focus on how healthy the Moodna looks, and speak about pollution and protecting the wildlife. A simple day, but so much to enjoy , their time together , very very special. Hope your family has a special Father’s day too. Lisa Bock