It’s Father’s Day weekend, and it promises to be beautiful, so enjoying the outdoors is a must on our list after all this rain.  However, it has to be something the whole family will enjoy, especially dad since it is his day, after all.  So, last week I did my homework because there is nothing worse than showing up to enjoy somewhere new and it ends up being a bust for whatever reason: not kid friendly, not adult friendly, too far, too lame…Trust me it has happened more times than I care to recall and is how this blog came to be in the first place.  Thankfully, the trip we took last week to one of my childhood favorites: Awosting Falls was a huge success, and I am happy to report that it is now one of my kids’ favorites as well.




Awosting Falls shares the entrance with Lake Minnewaska also known as the Main Entrance.  The $8 parking fee will grant you access to both locations.  After paying at the booth, make your first right, and park at the end of the road.  Thankfully, there are bathrooms there so that everyone can start their hike off right.  After parking, walk back down the road you drove on, cross the street and make your first left after the bridge.  This trail will wind down and around the waterfall, depositing you at the base.  It’s an easy walk and stroller friendly if your stroller has bigger wheels like a jogger.  However, the walk itself is a little more than a quarter mile and my 2 and 5 year old walked it by themselves.  A word of warning, you do begin this trip at the top of the waterfall so don’t let your little wander too far ahead or out of sight.





The waterfall was just as I remembered as a kid, and my girls loved it just as much as I had.  The rocks surrounding the pool are smooth and gradually slope into the water which is perfect for little feet to traverse and explore.  There are also plenty of pebbles for little hands to collect and throw into the pool.  My girls dipped their toes in, splashed, and skipped stones with endless pleasure.  After a while, we wandered a bit further and found a sunny spot beside the stream for a snack and a little more exploration.



It was a peaceful but adventurous way to spend the day, and would make a great way to spend Father’s Day.  To the dad’s: I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!  And to my husband and the father of my children:  Your love and devotion to our family knows no bounds, and I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing father.  You are by far the girls’ favorite, but I don’t mind cause you’re my favorite too.  Happy Father’s Day!



GPS Address: 5281 Route 44-55, Kerhonkson, NY

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