In our house, we often devour a pint of strawberries in a day. My girls are fruities and strawberries are their favorite, so I consider us somewhat an expert on the subject.  With that being said, the best strawberries are always the ones we pick ourselves. We went for the first time when Sophie, now two, was just months old to Ochs Farm in Warwick.  We drove all the way to the top of the mountain, got out of the car and took in the scene. To the right, strawberry fields flanked by cherry trees; to the left, views for days: rolling hills, forests, and blue skys dappled with clouds. The strawberries were vine ripened sweet, and Madison ate more in the fields than I could count.



So, to say high expectations were set right off the bat is an understatement, but in our three years of picking, local Hudson Valley strawberries have yet to disappoint.  This year, Madison showed some restraint and came away with some actual berries to take home. The same cannot be said for Sophie who attempted on several occasions to pop the berry- stem and all into her mouth. We brought some friends along ranging from 2 weeks to 5 years old and everyone had fun. The babies slept in their strollers while the big kids picked and ate, ate and picked.





The Hudson Valley is known for its apple picking, but it turns out we have access to pick your own fruit all summer long; you just have to know what fruit is in season and which farm to go to as they all specialize in different produce.  The farm we frequent, Ochs Farm, has a pick your own with seasonal fruit from June to October.  There are also several other Hudson Valley pick your owns that can be found here listed by county.  So grab the kids, your camera for some good obligatory strawberry juice covered kids pics, and a basket and have some fun!