This week was the last day of baseball for Beautiful People. They have an adaptive sports program for people with special needs. Every week the athletes try their hardest to play the best game they can. They have fun, joke around, and really excel at making Sunday the best day of the week.  I know we had a great time this year. We made some new friends. Sara got great exercise and fresh air. I am looking forward to more events we can participate in with Beautiful people over the summer, but for now we say goodbye to the 2014 season. I asked Sara to help me write this story. I asked her what did she likes about Beautiful People?  She quickly came up with a dozen things she likes about this season:

  1. Seeing her friends every week.
  2. She love the coaches, and all the volunteers
  3. Learning new baseball skills.
  4. Always has a good time.
  5. Likes getting a trophy at the end.
  6. Likes seeing  her friend Rebecca .
  7. She likes to invite friends to watch.
  8. Sara loves the Beautiful People buddies.
  9. We have a lovely field.
  10. There is more than one field.
  11. Baseball is one of her favorite hobbies.
  12. There is lots of stuff she likes about it.

BP last day 2014 017 BP last day 2014 020 BP last day 2014 025 BP last day 2014 026 BP last day 2014 032 BP last day 2014 035 BP last day 2014 037 BP last day 2014 038 BP last day 2014 039 BP last day 2014 043 BP last day 2014 003BP last day 2014 042 One bonus of being in the Beautiful People sports program is our really creative director Jan Brunkhorst always has something great planned in addition to the team sports. This summer we will go as a group to the Renegades Semi-pro baseball game. We are planning on having another July track and field day. We have a raffle that is started to help with our expansion plans of getting a ball field with a soft surface to help meet the needs of players who are physically challenged. Check out their programs. You may know someone who would really love an adaptive sport or know someone who would love to volunteer. By volunteering you get to improve the lives of a person with special needs and surprisingly you might improve your own life.  Lisa Bock For more information about the programs check out: