Photo Credit: Pennings

Photo Credit: Pennings

Going out for a meal with my 2 year old and 5 year old is often more work than it’s worth. Sophie (2) only eats two things: cheerios and blueberries, so it’s hardly worth buying a meal for her. In addition, meal time is not important to her as she can take both of those items on the go so to get her to stay seated in the time it takes to order, wait, and eat is not a relaxing experience. My five-year-old, while more patient with a wider repertoire of foods she will eat, is restless in her own way having to use the bathroom several times, climbing under the table to “retrieve” something, and complaining the food is taking too long. In summary, there is very little conversation or relaxation that is typically associated with dining out.




However, the Hudson Valley being the locavore mecca it is, we found a farm-to-table place to eat where the kids can play and feed the animals while the adults dine, converse, and even take a trip into the beer garden without placating a toddler or entertaining a preschooler. Penning’s Farm in Warwick is where it’s at.




This is one of our favorite places to eat after a laborious morning of fruit picking. After ordering your meal, you are given one of those remotes that vibrates when your food is done so that you are free to roam the farm, feed the chicks, and play on the wooden train while you wait. In addition, the food is seasonal, local and delicious. Madison always goes for the local, grass-fed beef burger and fries while I love their seasonal soups and salads such as the butternut squash bisque in the fall and the orchard salad in the summer.



We are surrounded by little farm-to-table gems in the Hudson Valley.  Another favorite of ours is Rogowski Farm for Sunday brunch with the family and A Tavola in New Paltz for date night. Do you have a farm to table restaurant you love?  Let us know so we can add it to our list!