So I had another blog post in mind, but all I can truly think about is – when is this baby going to come? Somebody said to my husband the other day, “Wow, it seems like your wife’s pregnancy just flew by.” Better that they said it to him than me, because I would have said, “Oh HELL no it didn’t.” Even my husband said to me, “It feels like you’ve been pregnant forever.” This is what happens when you get to this late stage in the game; it’s now time to sit back and wait for labor to start. I feel like an egg about to hatch or a bomb waiting to go off.

38 weeks pregnant
Me two weeks ago (38 weeks pregnant). Due July 23rd.

It could happen anytime, anywhere like while picking up my kids from camp, in the grocery store aisle, or in the middle of the night. I imagine all the possible scenarios and it’s driving me nuts. Being 39 weeks pregnant in the middle of July has its own challenges. I thank God that I have central air conditioning in my house or else I’d be in a constant state of misery. I pass the time reading birth stories online, cleaning my house, or whatever I can think of to take my mind off my dread and impatience of my imminent labor. I think pregnancy is designed this way so that you get so sick of being pregnant that you think, “Ok fine, bring on labor if it means that I can just roll over in bed at night again or won’t have to waddle around everywhere.” In an effort not to focus on the waiting game, here is my distraction game plan.

First day of camp
Camp has been a great experience for the kids
and it will keep them entertained during the early
weeks with a newborn when I can’t do as many fun
summer activities with them. I was super lucky that
my school used a grant to cover tuition for the first 150
kids who signed up. You can bet Discount Diva sent her
applications out pronto.

1. Get out of the house – I’m going to try and get out of my house as much as possible. Whether that means going to a friend’s house, taking the kids to the town pool, or just going to the library or grocery store.  The less I’m inside the better. Why? Because at home I’m surrounded by my stockpile of diapers and unused baby gear just waiting for my daughter’s arrival. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on heading too far from home just in case.

Jay town pool
It’s been fun watching Jay get really brave in the pool.
He’s been trying to swim underwater this year.

Hannah passed her 5 ft. swim test at camp so I take my
water babies to the pool as much as I can before baby girl

2. Redirect my focus– With everyone who sees my massive belly asking me when I’m due, it’s going to be challenging. I’m going to try and work with Jay to get him ready for Kindergarten. My library has these great new literacy kits for kids ages 2-4. I picked one up for Jay and it’s filled with books, puzzles and phonics cards to help get him ready for Kindergarten. He’s actually enjoying it, even if it’s only for 5 minutes at a clip which is the limit of his attention span at the moment. So I’ll be working with him on his letter and letter sounds while I still have time to devote to it before the baby comes and demands a lot of my attention.

library kits
Fallsburg Library got a grant to put together these
awesome literacy kits for young children filled with
books, puzzles and games that teach phonics and
foster a love of learning. Read the other reasons I love
the library.

3. Vow to stay off online contraction timers – While they do come in handy for keeping track of the length and frequency of contractions, when you’ve had as many bouts of false labor as I have they just frustrate the heck out of you. The truth is, this isn’t my first trip to labor town and what they say is true – When you’re in labor you know it. They’re referring to active labor of course, not early labor which is easily mistaken for Braxton Hicks (in my case many times now). When active labor starts, contractions take your breath away and it’s like time stops while you’re having one. You can’t walk, talk or focus on anything around you.

Diaper stockpile
My stockpile of diapers (bought on sale with coupons
of course) and baby gear sits ready and waiting.

So while I hate this waiting game, I do realize that this is what I signed up for. Remember my baby fever blogger-vention? Sure there is something to be said for scheduled inductions or C-sections and being able to plan for childcare for your other children or just being better prepared, but there is also something magical about letting your baby choose their own birthday. It may not be convenient as is often the case and I struggle not to freak out whenever my husband is more than 20 minutes from home, but I know that I can’t appease my inner control freak.

Labor and childbirth is a roller coaster. Once you board, there’s no getting off till the ride is over.  

So if you’re in the homestretch like me and playing the waiting game, take hope ladies; the ride will start at some point. I have mere days on the clock so wish me luck and hopefully next time you hear from me I’ll be a mommy of three.