When I’m in need of a vacation but the budget doesn’t permit it, I head over for a day in New Paltz, my absolute favorite place in all of the Hudson Valley.  It embodies all that I love about this area; it’s quaint, picturesque, walkable and there is almost always something going on.  This past weekend was no exception, so we headed over to do all of our favorite things in addition to the annual Hudson Valley Chalk Festival.


We have a few favorite spots in New Paltz that we frequent.  Our first stop is almost always the Water Street Market.  It’s a kid and dog friendly little square with artisan shops, antiques, and cafes.  Obviously my kids do not enjoy antiquing, but there is entertainment for them while my husband and I take turns browsing including a niche with a waterfall and chess games set up.  My girls love to sit on the edge of the pond and watch the koi swim.  When they tire of that they play a round of chess.  Just kidding, they pretend the chess pieces are little people which entertains them for quite some time or until they get hungry.  


We often head up to the Bridge Creek Cafe located above the market overlooking the commons area where live music is featured on the weekends.  Dining outside always makes me feel like I’m on vacation, so if weather permits, we opt for a table on the deck where we can enjoy the live music and the view of the Shawangunk Ridge.  It’s a perfect little spot with an eclectic menu featuring local ingredients.


If time permits, we head out of the village and over to another of our favorite spots ten minutes up the road: Split Rock.  The girls splash around and explore the stream and  pool while we relax by the waterfall.   Antiquing, shopping, culture and the arts, lunch, and a nature hike and we were still home for nap time.  It may not have been a trip to Hawaii, but it was an enjoyable and restorative day with my favorite people.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.  Where is your favorite place in the Hudson Valley?