Well, it can’t all be sunshine and rainbows around here.  It’s unfortunately going to be a rainy weekend, but if you’re looking for some indoor fun with the kids, the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is where it’s at.



The sisters who plumb together stay together…


We headed over there this week for a fun-filled morning of constructing, deconstructing, pretending and learning.  We hadn’t been there since last summer, and all the new improvements and exhibits were a welcomed surprise (except for the new pay to park, that was a bummer.) It’s a great place to bring kids of varying ages from newborn to about age seven.  We brought kids who ranged in age from one to five and all were engaged for the duration of our visit, which was a little over two hours.  There is an infant area for the under one set who like to explore without the fear of being stepped on by a toddler, a toddler area with play structures, trains, and a reading corner.  The pretend play area  is always a favorite with my kids who jump from construction site to fire station to bakery with a quick trip to the ATM before shopping in the grocery store.  Upstairs is geared toward the older child with science and problem solving exhibits.




The museum is clean and accommodating for families.  There are bathrooms on each level, benches for parents to take a break while their kids play, and a snack area with tables inside and out.  Because it’s an hour drive for us, I always pack a lunch.  Yesterday we opted to sit on the deck overlooking the river with views of the Walkway Over the Hudson as we watched the trains roll by-neverending entertainment for our crew.




Many local libraries have membership cards to the museum which is good for two adults and as many kids as you can fit in your car, and we are fortunate that ours is one of them.  Entrance to the museum is $8 per person over one and parking is $5 a car.  Because we had the membership card, my friend and I saved $53 for 2 adults and 4 kids.  Definitely worth checking with your local library.  On Saturday August 16th, admittance is free from 5-8.




So, if you’re in need of some rainy day entertainment head on over to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, it’s a great place to learn, explore, and get on the floor and play with your kids.