I have fond memories of Christmas cookies… I remember rolling dough in powdered sugar with my mom, and my Grandma’s crisp sugar butter cookies are legendary.  Her cookies were even kept in a motion-activated singing tin, because my sister and I were so likely to sneak a sample while we waited for dinner to be ready.

I’ve been thinking about cookies.  There are a few family favorites we bake each year, but I also like to try out some new recipes and flavors.   My little one loves to cook and bake like I do, and she’s been asking when the baking will begin.  Here’s our line-up.

Peanut butter blossoms

We always begin with peanut butter blossoms.  My friend Linda introduced them to us years before kids or gluten were ever a concern.  I was thrilled to find a gluten-free version which comes out just like the original.  Not too much needs to be said about this cookie; Hershey’s kisses and peanut butter speak for themselves.

PB Blossom

The M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie

Even though the chocolate chip cookie is an everyday-cookie that could be passed over, this recipe is so spectacular that they beg to be included.  They get dressed up with red and green M&Ms substituted for half of the chocolate chips, and offer a nice festive color to your cookie tray.

Chocolate Chip

Lemon Shortbread

Lemon cookies are another cookie that we enjoy, and I am looking forward to trying a new cookie this year.  Gluten-Free on a Shoestring shared a shortbread cookie recipe with five different versions including mocha, toffee caramel, and lemon.  Interestingly, the recipe relies on lemonade mix as well as lemon peel; a new method that I look forward to trying.

Lemon Slice

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Snowballs, also known as Mexican Wedding cookies, are up next.  Somehow powdered sugar makes everything prettier. We are trying a new recipe this year.  I’ll put in the disclaimer that I have not tried this recipe yet, but it comes from Gluten Free Girl, who is well-versed in baking with her own books and blog.

The Black and White

Another infamous cookie from my childhood is the black and white.  My dad commuted to the city, and often came off the train with a white, crinkly bag from Zarro’s. You know the one I’m talking about.  I was excited to find this recipe a few years back and delighted when I made my first batch and found they were pretty easy to make and tasted as good as I remembered.  I’m thinking minis, with white and red on some, white and green on others, will make a delicious cameo.

Molasses Crinkle

And finally… to round out all of the chocolate… molasses crinkle cookies.  They’re similar in taste to the gingerbread cookie, but they’re a drop cookie.  This is another one that I used to make before we were gluten-free, and am pleased to see Grandma’s Molasses created a gluten-free version that lives up to the original.  If you’re going to try these, note that although the ingredient list mentions sugar for rolling, the author forgot to mention this as the last step.  Add this back in, as the crunchy sugar on the outside gives the cookie its “crinkle.”

I’m still trying to recreate my Grandma’s butter cookies.  They are sweet, crisp, buttery, and have a texture I’ve not yet been able to replicate in a gluten-free cookie.  I have her recipe, we’ve tweaked it, but it hasn’t come out just right.  We’ll spend some time with the recipe this holiday season; I hope by next year it’ll be ready to share.

Happy Holidays… may your season be filled with fun times, peaceful memories, the best of company, and of course, good food.  To find out what’s new in our kitchen, stop by, or become a fan on Facebook.  Feel free to share your favorite gluten-free cookie recipes with us!