It seems kind of ironic to share a chilly beverage or treat recipe during this cold snap, I am aware. Yet, with all of the New Year’s resolutions and detox plans, a smoothie seems like the perfect way to start your day. And since Santa brought us awesome ice pop molds, you better believe we couldn’t wait to try them out.  We often use fresh baby spinach in our smoothies, but I kept this one fruity.  It makes enough to enjoy a glass for yourself and set the rest aside for the kids’ pops.

Ice pops

Simple Fruity Smoothie

2 c milk (we use almond)
2 bananas (mine had been peeled and frozen)
1 1/2 c frozen strawberries
1 c fresh pineapple (as an aside, if you’re cutting a fresh pineapple, throw the core in, too, it’s loaded with vitamins)

Blend until smooth. Add more milk to thin if desired, or ice to thicken if your fruits were not frozen. Smoothie consistency is really personal preference. My kids like it thin enough to suck through a straw but thick enough to look icy.

To make into ice pops as I did, first fill the molds about halfway with orange juice, and freeze for three to four hours. Remove from freezer, fill remaining space in mold with smoothie, and freeze overnight.

We had these during a recent movie night, frigid temperatures be damned. We all enjoyed them, from kids to grown ups. I love that my kids can have a “treat” sweetened only by fruits, yet the two colors in the pop mold make it feel special. This can be altered with any combination of fruits, even vegetables. Give it a try and feel free to share your variations below!

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