Paleo eating entails a diet of meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and avoiding dairy and grains.  It’s more complex than that and there is lots of controversy surrounding it, but that’s enough to get started.  Personally, it is not something I could follow exclusively because I love my grains and dairy when the time is right, but I find there are reasons to integrate Paleo themes into our lifestyle.  When I skip grains for breakfast and focus on protein and fruit, I feel better and stay fuller longer.  Also, dairy wreaks havoc on my digestion.  I hate to say it out loud because I wish it weren’t true.  While I can have it in moderation, every once in while my stomach fights back and I have to go dairy-free for a while.  Enter, the Paleo life.

Banana chia seed pudding

Banana chia seed pudding

On Monday, my kids woke up starving and wanted something more substantial than cold cereal, now.  A friend had just posted a link for banana and chia seed pudding.  I found it to require only three ingredients, which I had on hand, and with no added sugar, fine for breakfast.  Five minutes and one whirl in the food processor later, voila.  I put the kids’ pudding in fancy glass bowls, chilled them in the freezer for a few minutes, and they were clamoring to try it.  Five minutes after that, it was already polished off.  My oldest said it tasted somewhere between breakfast and dessert.  I’ll take that.

Roast chicken soup with roasted vegetables

Dinner can sound limiting when you aren’t including grains or dairy, but I find it best to stick to Paleo recipes rather than trying to eat a traditional dinner and omit certain sides.  The Against All Grain blog is an amazing wealth of information with excellent recipes.  A few days ago, I saw a photo of roast chicken soup with roasted vegetables, and knew it would be dinner. This was delicious- velvety, filling, and different enough to satisfy both the adults and kids.  I’d roasted a chicken the night before (we’ll talk about that next week!) and had leftovers waiting, so this was perfect.  I couldn’t get a picture that would do the soup justice, but follow the link, you’ll want it as soon as you see it.

Paleo buckeyes


Sometimes, you just want dessert.  It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, does it?  I’d never heard of Buckeyes until my stint in Ohio during grad school, but have not forgotten them since.  Without requiring any stove or oven preparation (chocolate melted in the microwave, thank you very much!), and only a handful of ingredients, these Paleo buckeyes were ready in just a few minutes.  I used peanut butter instead of sunflower seed butter because we don’t have an issue with nuts, and it was so filling that two Buckeyes hit the spot.  Less desire to overeat these babies, and peanut butter has protein, so these are almost… healthy?  I’ve hidden the extras in my freezer in waxed paper (don’t tell my family, please).

There’s a wealth of Paleo recipes and resources out there these days, and for that I am so thankful.  It’s nice to not have to recreate the wheel when I need to cut back on something.  There are some really creative people out there who make specialized eating feel less lonely and more exciting.  Feel free to share any of your favorite recipes and sites!  

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