Finished bottles.

Sensory bottle fun!


By now you have all found these sensory bottles on Pintrest, random Facebook posts or even in a family magazine. I was dying to try them out. Not only am I dying to try them out, I also promised my friend Amanda I would make these for a blog. So,here ya go Amanda!

Here is what you need:

Materials all found at the dollar store.

Materials all found at the dollar store.

Water Bottle

Karo Syrup

Warm water

Super glue

Under the Sea theme:

Spiky rubber balls (sea urchins)

Sea shells

Green glitter (for sea weed)

Outer Space theme:

Jax with rubber bouncy balls (swirly ones look like planets)

Silver glitter


Start by pouring the Karo syrup into empty water bottle. An easy task for little hands.

Pour Karo syrup into empty water bottle.

Pour Karo syrup into empty water bottle.


Next, add in all of theĀ themed items and fill the bottle with warm water. Add in glitter and replace cap. Shake vigorously. Before you glue the cap on, double check if you have plenty of glitter (can you really have too much?) and that everything is incorporating (no clumping).

October 2014 057

Add in the Jax for stars.


Add sea urchins

Add sea urchins

Remove the cap and apply crazy glue in a zig-zag fashion across the threads of the top of the bottle. This will ensure a water proof seal between each thread. Replace cap and tighten. If you do not have crazy glue a hot glue gun works too. You just need to use a glue that is not water soluble and dries quickly.

October 2014 058

Secure the top with crazy glue to avoid leaking.


Here are the finished bottles. Just note that once the spiraling settles, the objects and the glitter will float to the top. The kids will love shaking them up all over again!

Sensory bottle fun.

Sensory bottle fun.

This is easy enough for an almost four year old to make with help. My girls really enjoyed making them! I have them available to play with while I am trying to get the dishes done, or get dinner finished. It’s also a great take a long in the car.

Have you made a sensory bottle before? I’d love to see a pic posted in the comments section below!