Love Bank 3

With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of the Valentine’s Day card my mother made for me when I was eight. It was a simple cut out heart with pages inside filled with her heartfelt words about how much she loved me and how she was so thankful that God gave her a daughter like me. Over the years my mother sent me flowers more times than I can count for Valentine’s Day or birthdays, but this card I have held onto all these years. This is the legacy I want to leave my own kids, giving them words straight from my heart that they can hold onto long after I’m gone. That’s why I created the Love Bank.

Love Bank 2

I took a simple coffee can and glued construction paper around it. I decorated it with a heart saying “Love Bank” and cut an opening in the top of the lid for the depositing of Love notes for our family. I decorated it with some ribbon and heart stickers, which were plentiful right before Valentine’s Day.

Love Bank 16

I told my kids they were welcome to write notes for any of our family members and put them in there. I filled it with notes about what I love about each of my children. This morning I had them read some of the notes I put in there. Hannah read quietly, a shy smile spreading across her face. I had to read Jayden’s notes to him, which were met with, “Thanks mommy. I love you!” He even hugged Hannah after reading one of my notes to him. Hannah read some of the notes I wrote for Sydney to her. All in all I think it went over well. I think they liked reading what I wrote for each of them.

Love Bank 17

I asked where we should keep our love bank and Jay found the perfect spot – on the mantel tucked in between photos of each of my children. I hope this is a tradition I can keep going. I’m trying hard to be more intentional with my words because life is short and it’s precious. I tell them I love them all the time, but I’m attempting to fill their little hearts with all the reasons why. I’m investing in the people they will become. They will be husbands and wives and hopefully parents one day too. I want them to be intentional with their words and love.


I LOVE the saying, “children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the important work.” So if this post inspires you in any way to be more intentional with your words that’s amazing, but my main reason for writing this blog is so my children will one day have this unique insight into my heart and who I am. I’m dropping little bread crumbs, leading them slowly into a world that will one day be void of me. It’s my hope that all the crumbs that have been collected along the way will nourish their spirits so they can go into that world knowing exactly how loved they are.