Is there a room in your house that as soon as you walk in you feel your pulse race and your mind start to whirl in confusion, “how did it get this way?” That room for  me is my home office. It has become a dumping ground for all of my unfinished projects, things I don’t want the kids to touch and their little random collections of stuff. It is also where I organize/plan my blogs, make our meal plans, run a small charity and organize projects for various committees. I just close the door and think, “some day I’ll have time to sort all that out.” If you have a similar experience there is Hope. Literally, Hope Stuart of Apple a Day Lifestyle Services is a professional organizer and efficiency expert.

I read about Hope’s services in her guest blog on Hudson Valley Parent. She posted an offer for 4 FREE hours of home organizing for booking a home party with her. Well, I had to know more! I contacted her immediately and discussed my budget first thing and asked a bunch of questions about how a home party works. Here is what the process looks like so far:

My Desk

A glimpse at my haphazardly organized desk.



First, I sent her pictures of what I call the “hot spots” in my office. Then we reviewed them over the phone and Hope created a mission statement for my office as well as a 12 page efficiency plan. Admittedly, my office is haphazardly organized into sloppy piles, but I waste a lot of time digging through the piles to find what I need. I have my grocery list in with important contact info for events. I lose stuff all the time and need help creating an efficient way to keep everything organized.

Cover of Plan

Cover page to my Strategic Organization Plan for my office.



Next, Hope and I reviewed the plan at my home. She took a look at the space, took some measurements and mapped a layout. Now here is where her services really benefit. She will be as involved with projects as you need. I had some specific makeover projects I wanted to finish for the space. I could have easily handed them off to Hope take care of, or do them myself. This speaks to the partnership Hope creates with each client. Then we set a date for the actual make over to take place.

Bookcase Page

Hope created an organizing plan for every area of my office.



Next, Hope returned a few weeks later to put our plan into action. We were ready with our to-do list and went to work. She is very hands on -including moving the furniture, taming messy cords and she even leaves the room spring clean and perfectly set for you to enjoy. Bonus: Hope is a true master mind at layouts and measuring. I never measure anything!

Hope makeover 013

Hope using her super powers to measure out an area for my framed articles.


Hope makeover 009

Hope creating an amazing layout for my new command center.


Last, you throw a party with friends! Everyone can ooh and ahh over your new space and Hope can share the process, tips and tricks with each of them. I haven’t had my official reveal party yet (stay tuned for the after photos) but I am assured by Hope it is just snacks, wine and the love of an organized efficient space.

The best part of this process is outsourcing the organizing (and most of my thinking) for this project! A huge time saver for a busy twin mom with too much to do! We communicate mainly via email- which is great with two shrieking little ones running through my house. Hope is very supportive of my project ideas and values my comfort with each step before moving forward. Now I can sit at my desk and find everything I need right when I need it. (And I don’t even need to leave my office chair!).

office pics for mom 004

OK one sneak peek at my newly organized desk!



Hope is a former Principal with a wealth of knowledge in creating effective and efficient systems that work. Her passion is utilizing her efficiency expertise to help homeowners create spaces they love.  Hope has made over toy rooms, basements, classrooms, pantries, home offices and retail spaces. Here is where you can find Hope for your home!

Hope Stuart Apple A Day President and CEO (Chief Executive Organizer)

845-986-4416 / 845-728-6589   17 River Street, Suite 10 Warwick, NY 10990