Adam's Spring show 2015 002

Beautiful spring colors found at Adam’s Spring Showcase

One of our favorite places to go in the winter is the garden center at Adam’s. It is our winter time refuge! The girls and I love to grab a free cookie at the bakery and check out the greenhouse. The warm, humid air and the colorful flowers are a beautiful departure from the barren snowy landscape. (Plus, there’s always a cart with free coffee for mama!). It is a great place to meet up with friends and walk around. The girls and I talk about the different plants and we stop to feed the fish. It is the closest this mama gets to a tropical vacation. (I can sense your jealousy).

It is no wonder that we LOVE going to the spring showcase every year at Adam’s. The Spring show was a great first family outing when the girls were only four months old. It is now a family favorite! The importance of going to this annual event is right up there with getting pictures with Santa and celebrating our birthdays. This year was the best so far! The girls are finally old enough to participate in the events during the showcase without eating dirt! Yay!!

Adam's Spring show 2015 009

Building a terrarium.

Hudson Valley winters seem to drag on. I feel like Mother Nature adds on one extra week each year. I am really OK with snow, but the cold is so much harder to deal with. The crazy wild arctic wind has made it hard for the kids to get outside. I feel like there is cold and there is Hudson Valley cold! I say this as someone who grew up in Central New York where the skies are gray all winter long, snow drops by the foot and people own stock in Carhartt.

Beautiful red tulips on display.

Beautiful red tulips on display during Adam’s Spring Show

Attending the spring show is just a great way for us to get excited about spring. It gives us hope that the snow won’t last much longer and soon we will see all the beautiful colors of spring! We also bring home a marigold to plant and a few other live colorful plants that feed that anticipation for warmer weather.

Here are 5 ways to bring Spring into your home:

Get a jump on your garden by planting seeds! Starting your vegetable seedlings now means you will be ready to put them in the dirt once the ground thaws. Or, maybe you’d like to plant some fresh herbs for your kitchen window sill. It’s a great way to add a fresh scent to your kitchen and enjoy some added color!

Buy a fresh bunch of tulips. Just a small punch of spring color will get you into a spring time frame of mind!

Spring clean before spring gets here! Make a list of spring cleaning chores you can do while still inside for winter. Then you are ready to get outside the minute that warm sun hits!

Freshen your house with aroma therapy. You can diffuse essential oils, melt scented wax or purchase an inexpensive reed diffuser. Pick some floral scents, or scents like fresh cut grass, or the ocean.

Build a bird house with the kids. You can buy a pre-fab bird house at any craft store and let the kids help you paint it. Have them help you plan where to hang it as soon as the snow melts!

Hang in there! Only 15 MORE DAYS UNTIL SPRING!!

These fun activities will get you through the next 15 days!

Snow Day At The Beach – build a beach themed sensory box!

Build a Busy Binder – DIY activity binder.

Rainbow Rice Bin– St. Patty’s sensory box.

Paint Away The Winter Blues – take advantage of local library programs!

Pom Pom’s and Cardboard– expensive toys are overrated!