Being an organic eater doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive

By Eileen Kenison

008 Two years ago if you told me I should be eating all organic I would have said “Whatever!”

I thought it was an expensive trend. I have always eaten a very well balanced diet, mostly homemade with little processed foods. The idea of eating strictly organic seemed crazy.

A few years ago I started to get very sick. I was sick all the time. Head colds, infections, high blood pressure and cholesterol, aches and pains. I hurt all over and I was gaining weight rapidly. I had always been healthy prior to this spell of sickness. So what in the world was going on? Come to find out I had an underactive thyroid.

The organic program that cured me!

016Shortly after my diagnosis I was presented with the idea of doing a detox. I was hesitant at first. When you think of a detox you think of starving yourself and drinking green juices. This wasn’t that sort of a detox. This plan consisted of all organic and mostly plant based foods. You ate till you were full. The foods were amazing! I just wish I had felt amazing, I was detoxing! I was shaking, scratching, vomiting, I had a fever and felt awful. Come to find out – I was TOXIC. I was toxic from my diet. Being toxic led to being sick.

As I continued in the program I started to feel better, sleep better, have energy, I noticed less aches and pains, but best of all I was losing weight. I previously had tried everything, so to see the scale budging and my 005clothes fitting better was amazing to me. The detox program was over and I was feeling great! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, “I cured myself with my diet!” It really was true, I had cured myself. All my numbers and tests were perfect. No need for medications.

The group that makes it easy…

Like many people who choose this life style. I found myself going from store to store to purchase my groceries. Trying to find the best pricing. It was time consuming and extremely expensive. It was difficult to find everything I needed. I was going broke and getting frustrated! That’s when I discovered Wholeshare. Wholeshare is a free unique shopping group that makes shopping for organic products easy and inexpensive. By shopping with a group, everyone increases their purchasing power.

With Wholeshare it becomes worthwhile for farmers and distributors to deliver directly to your group. The direct relationship with the farmer cuts the middleman out of the supply chain and brings you closer to the source. There are thousands of products available on Wholeshare. Sellers range from local farms to small fisheries to sustainable home goods distributors. WS has allowed me to shop from the comfort of my own home, saving time and money while fulfilling all my organic dietary needs. Thanks to this program I have met many wonderful organic people. Wholeshare has also given me the opportunity to share my story with others. I am now able to shout it from the roof tops, “I cured myself, and you can too!”

Little did I know!

Two years later, I feel great! It’s not a trend!

Eileen M Kenison is a 38-year-old work-from-home mother of 2 boys, aged 9 and 10. Eileen is passionate about bringing organic foods to those in her community. She has been coordinating a fast growing and successful Wholeshare group in the town of Newburgh since December 2013. Eileen is also well known on Facebook for sharing her secrets and tips to a clean and green healthy lifestyle. You can follow Eileen at Rescue for Today’s Busy Mom  and Clean Eating Made Easy.