mom meme

Confession: I thought being a SAHM meant I’d have more time. I’d have more time to enjoy my kids, make fun crafts, and organize our closets like Martha Stewart. None of that happens. I do enjoy my kids, but much of our day to day stuff is me cleaning up after them and making food they won’t eat. But, I have figured out how to squeeze a few extra minutes into (most of) our days.

3 Simple Things To Do Before You Go To Bed:

1. Dishes are done man. Every night before bed I make sure the dishes are done. I don’t dry and put away. I usually leave them in the drying rack. Then I stare at the empty sink lovingly. Not having to fight through a mess in the sink tomorrow morning to find the right color Sippy cup SAVES ME A TON of time (and headaches).


2. Perk up. I fill the coffee maker so I only have to flip a switch in the a.m. I take my shower, or make breakfast while it brews. I don’t know why I feel like this is such a luxury. I know it only takes 2 minutes to fill the coffee pot. But, when you stumble into the kitchen in that early morning haze it’s so much easier to just push a button.


3. Make a list. Every night before I go to bed I make a list of the six most important things I need to get done the next day. This way I can fall asleep faster without replaying my to-do list on continuous loop for three hours. My list is waiting patiently on the kitchen counter for me.

The questionnaire

That’s it! I do these simple things almost every single night so that I have an easier start to my morning. You can even get fancy and lay out everyone’s outfits the night before, and pack up all the bags/lunches/snacks and leave by the front door (or in the car). You can also follow these 3 Easy Steps to Feel Organized. I don’t do these things every night because my families schedule doesn’t demand them yet. Talk to me again in another few months once soccer practice starts, and swim lessons, and my kids go to school more than two half days a week.

Let me just stress that if you are a first time mom, or you still have really little ones (5 and under crowd) don’t even stress yourself out with making sure everything gets done in a day. There were plenty of nights I left the dishes in the sink until morning because it meant I took time to care for myself. Or, it meant more time for snuggles with the kids. I did find coffee and to-do lists to be really helpful in all phases of my parenting thus far.

How do you plan for a smooth morning in your house?