So, back in February I shared Part I of my office makeover story. I included some behind the scenes perspective on working with a professional organizer. Hope Stuart of Apple A Day Organizing came to my house and helped me make over my sad little office. Now, I am ready to show you the after pictures and tell you  bit more!

My office was somewhat organized before Hope came into my life, but I was seriously lacking systems to stay organized. I wear many  hats besides my Whatever Mom hat. I need to keep all my projects organized as well as my household.

Where The Whatever Mom was born!

I knew right away the first thing I wanted to create was a command center. It might sound crazy, but I could weep over how well it turned out! I have a wall calendar in the center so I can see what we have going on in a glance. This colorful calendar is situated right behind my computer so I can easily turn to add an appointment as it comes in.


I found this colorful calender project on Pinterest.

Flanking each side of the calendar are three clip boards. Each clip board is efficiently labeled for each of the committees and projects I currently have. This allows me to keep all my notes for each group organized together. It also helps me to focus on one project at a time. I think Martha (as in Stewart) herself might shed a little tear if she were to see this.

An A+ command center!

Next, I organized all the different aspects of my household into binders and made colorful matching labels. Now, when I am working on my meal plan for the week I simply pull out that binder and make our weekly menu. I have our favorite go-to recipes already filed inside. I have all our household business filed in one binder and I even have a binder to keep my blog organized (it’s true). The best part is all of these items are within arms reach. I literally do not need to leave my chair to get a binder, a post-it note or a print out. My former system was literally piles on top of my desk that I just kept shifting around…and picked up off the floor now and then. Yep, this is way more efficient.

Use binders to organize paper work, and home management.

Last, I organized my hanging file folders and labeled with each month. Inside each months folder is a color coded sub folder. This allows me to keep all my blog topics in one place to review when needed. I also store any of our seasonal and holiday themed print outs inside.

Use hanging file folders to store additional papers, or projects.

After we had systems set in place Hope helped me with frame placement on walls opposite the command center. I admittedly have a phobia about hanging things on the wall. I am terrible at artistically grouping frames and please don’t ask me to measure things. Hope’s system of laying out the grouping first, then measuring and THEN using paper to tack to the wall in the exact spot you want your frame to go made the process much less painful!

I love that we found a place to hang my very first printed articles, we made an area for my kids art work and a found a great spot to hang a faux window with inspirational quotes and pictures inside. This is great since my office doesn’t have any windows!

Grouping art or photos in frames of varying size, but same color make an interesting and clean focal point.

Working with a professional organizer made this experience less stressful than if I did it all on my own. Hope was a great hands on partner with every aspect of this make over. All the organizing and planning Hope did before she arrived at my home really paid off when we put the office together. Our time had a flow and an ease to it. It didn’t feel much like work at all.

This is where the magic happens!

After my office was completed, I hosted a party for my friends to see the result. Hope set up a beautiful display of her signature baskets and handed out some clip boards for people to take notes. We ate, we drank and some went home with prizes. Easy peasy! No hard sell. No push for product. She offered great advice, sensible tips and I think everyone walked away feeling inspired to organize.

You can see more of Hopes make over projects on her website, or visit the Facebook page to contact her for more details.


The Whatever Mom received free hours of home organization for hosting a make over party. No compensation was made for this blog post. All opinions and statements made about Apple A Day Organizing services are solely those of The Whatever Mom.