So, last week I shared with you how I was able to get some free home organizing for my office make over. This week, let me share with you my amazing day of indulgence and mom time (for free of course!).

If you missed this months issue of Hudson Valley Parent you might have missed the article about my good friend Liz Westinghouse. I first met Liz at The Village Apothecary (more info below) and have since followed her to Thyme Retreat. Thyme Retreat offers a free first time appointment that includes 30 minutes to meet with Liz, a Registered Dietitian, to discuss a nutrition plan; a 20 minute one on one yoga instruction and a 40 minute back, shoulder and neck massage. You did see the word free, right? Follow up appointments are optional and cost around the same as your insurance co-pay for a doctors appointment.

thyme lavendar

I have met with Liz before, so I sort of knew what to expect during my nutritional consultation. We reviewed my concerns and she gave me a suggested eating plan (not a diet). Being a mom is stressful, and I often forget to eat enough to help my body handle the stress. (Why didn’t I know this already?).

After meeting with Liz I met with Allie a soft spoken Certified Yoga Instructor. My twenty minutes stretching and letting go of stress was so relaxing I felt like I was in there for more than 20 minutes. The movements are so easy and gentle and no yoga experience was required. My favorite part was the very end. While lying down and relaxing on the mat Allie used light touch on my neck and forehead. She used peppermint oil to help open up the sinus and it was just heavenly.

thyme yoga

I loved my time with Liz and Allie, but the next 40 minutes of my life was pure bliss. A serene, darkened room where I could be alone with my thoughts, letting go of all the tightness and stress in my body…well, if you’ve ever had a great massage then you know how life changing that is. If you haven’t, then you need to see Stephanie right away! I don’t remember my walk back to the car because I think I floated there on an organic lavender scented cloud. It was truly what this overworked mom needed!

thyme massage

Tips for your appointment: Massage and yoga appointments can be scheduled for a Monday or Friday, but you can meet with Liz at any time during the week. Mom’s and dads are welcome to book an appointment (up to you if you want to share this secret with hubby), parking is free in the garage next door, and no tipping is required for your massage therapist. (I checked).

What made this day truly indulgent was hubby was home with kids (so no cost for a baby sitter). After my luxurious meeting with this amazing team I scheduled a walk with another good friend. We took to the Walkway Over the Hudson on a beautiful sunny day and caught up on our lives. It was five spectacular hours of me time, a very, very rare treat indeed!

walkway hudson

If getting out of the house is a challenge, or the timing and distance doesn’t work for you here are a few other options I’ve used in the past. All free!

The Village Apothecary– located in Saugerties, Woodstock and now Lake Katrine. This isn’t your average pharmacy. You can schedule a free consultation to review and discuss your concerns for living a healthier lifestyle. If you follow the Facebook page, or sign up for the newsletter, you will get notifications of their lifestyle classes (free). There are often free samples at the hour and a half classes. As a mom I enjoy attending these nights as a way to learn more about taking care of myself and getting some adult conversation.

Shoprite– offers nutritional guidance from an in-store registered dietitian free of charge. If you are struggling with finding healthy snacks for yourself, or your picky eater this is a great place to go! Yes, it is a grocery store, so not a lot of alone time (or fancy massages), but you can get a tour of the grocery store, free recipes and get some help in taking charge of your own nutrition. Sometimes talking with an expert is enough to set you on a healthier path to self care. Call your local store for contact information for their in-store dietitian.

Great Expectings– is a health, nutrition and accountability coaching service for busy moms. Once a month owner Christine McCracken offers a 1-2 week accountability Facebook group to jump start a healthier lifestyle. Last year I worked with Christine to create an at home work out schedule, and devised a routine that worked around the demands of staying home with kids. You can contact her directly for more information at


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