Archeological Dig Of A Woman’s Closet

Cleaning out a person’s closet is like going on an archeological dig. You can find out what that person valued, what they did, what they wore, and what they liked, but there is a reason why most of us rarely take the time to thoroughly clean out our closets. It’s simple. We just don’t want to deal with who we were. The things that make us who we are can usually be pointed to, used daily and found easily, but who we were, well that stuff we hide away because it’s somehow comforting to simultaneously hold onto and hide from sight.

The Deadliest Dust Bunnies

If you follow my posts, you know that I recently remodeled my basement, turning it into a master bedroom. While it took the help of two men and one day to move the entirety of the room, I’m on day four of cleaning out the closet of our old bedroom. It has been a frightening and weary experience. I have been attacked by dust bunnies and haunted by nostalgia. It seems every time a person in my family dies my husband and I inherit a box of memorabilia we don’t know what to do with so it goes into the closet. It’s a sad reality that we have held onto things that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

The Past Doesn’t Look Good On You

My husband has his an old book bag and graduation gown from high school. For me, as I imagine it is with most women, it’s those damn skinny jeans. You know the ones you were so proud you could once fit into, but have sadly sat in your closet for years. Sometimes “skinny jeans” is just synonymous with the clothes you used to fit into but don’t anymore.

The SAHM Uniform

For me it’s also the business suits that have collected dust for the last three years in favor of the SAHM uniform of sweatshirts and yoga pants. Some would call it sloppy, but hey you never see a painter show up to your house in a three piece suit for a reason. If I know I’m going to get baby food, spit up and other bodily fluids on me I’m not stepping into panty hose and a pencil skirt. I have no idea when I’m going back to the world of office work so there’s no sense holding onto clothes I don’t need.

Business Suits & Skinny Jeans

I know why we have such a hard time letting go of those skinny jeans. It’s because it was the time we felt best about ourselves. For me it was working my way down to a goal weight after two kids. The truth is we never seem to just be happy right where we’re at and I think I’ve figured out why. How in the hell can you be happy with where you’re at if you are constantly struck in the face by where you’re not. My closet was busting full of clothes and I can safely say after weeding out business suits, maternity clothes and the “skinny clothes” I’m left with a third of the wardrobe.

Some part of me worries that if left unchecked it would be so much easier to just let myself fall into complacency. It’s not hurting anyone to let those skinny jeans rot in my closet. We did build a pretty big one in our new room after all and they would fit. But I think in a way it is hurting me. Every time I can’t find clothes that fit it makes me feel defeated.

Starting A “Sayonara Skinny Jeans” Revolution

So though I’m on day four of the job from hell, cleaning out my closet is therapeutic. I have to confront who I was and who I am and the only way to move forward is without all the “what I’m not” items.

So fight off the dust bunnies and nostalgia ladies because they are keeping you from your destiny. Take a cue from me. Though I debated MANY times, ultimately I packed up all the suits and skinny jeans to donate. Maybe another woman will find her “what I am now” jeans at the Salvation Army. If it helps her get rid of her “what I’m not” clothes then I’m doing a public service.

Skinny Jeans

So sayonara skinny jeans. I’ll just learn to live without the idea of you. I’ll learn to trade the “ideal” for the “real.” I’ll slip on my larger size jeans and I’ll stop wondering if I’ll ever be the size I used to be. I’ll remember that my body created three amazing little people and show it a little bit of respect. My weight may fluctuate, but the way I feel about my body shouldn’t. It should never come down to looking at those damn skinny jeans. Without them in my closet, I’m finally free to just love me right where I’m at.

So ladies, who is with me? Who is FINALLY ready to donate those “skinny jeans” rotting away in the back of the closet?