NO ….. It is a rather simple word, yet so hard to say.  Why is that? Is it because we see” No” as a negative response?  Is it because we want to please everyone?  I think we often say yes because we fear having to supply a reason, excuse or explanation for saying no.  Guess what, you can say” no” and you don’t have to explain yourself.

I have been guilty of being a” YES Person” nearly all my life.   That is, till I realized there  is positivity in saying NO!035


Not too long ago just like so many other parents I found myself in a “YES Rut”.   I said YES to EVERY  bake sale, fundraiser, book fair, class trip, play date, coffee date, book club, moms club , you name it – I signed us up for it.


I think that as a parent we think that there is power in busyness.  I think we respect those that seem to be “doing it all”.   I know when I finally sat back and thought about my busyness I realized I was doing a disservice to myself and my family.  In fact, I was NOT pleasing myself at all.   I was too busy to enjoy much of anything.  By not having the guts to say no I was overextending myself.   I caused myself  far too much stress and anxiety.  Stress is toxic and can lead to a slue of bad side effects.  Which for me, it did.  It took working with a Health Coach for me to see the connection.


Not only was I stressed and overextended, but I wasn’t saying YES to myself.    I was putting my family, my health, my life and my dreams on the back burner.  I was just too busy saying yes to everything and everyone else.    When I finally took that first step and said no, It did feel weird, but it also felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.   I remember sitting at the ball field and actually watching and enjoying my own children as oppose to babysitting the entire team.   I remember almost feeling guilty.    I am telling you, DON’T feel guilty saying no!  DON’T feel guilty enjoying your life!  DON’T feel guilty for not saying yes!    I now have time to enjoy my kids – after all, they only stay kids for so long.   I can go back and be a volunteer” yes junkie” again, but I will never get to be their mom while they’re little again.


Embrace the freedom you have to say no!  You will be surprised at all the positives that result!