Chia seeds rock my world. They can stand in for eggs in baked goods, they pack a punch of vitamins and even some protein when added to smoothies, and most recently, we’ve been enjoying them in “puddings.” I say puddings loosely because the puddings we make with chia seeds are, well, healthy. We’re not talking the Jello Pudding Cups (did you hear Bill Cosby’s voice?) made with dairy, sugar, and artificial who-knows-what. We’re talking fruits, non-dairy milks (unless you want dairy, in which case, feel free), and chia seeds. Calling it pudding may make it more appealing to your little ones, but it won’t change its healthy-status or desirability in your mind.

Chia Seed Puddings

Banana chia seed pudding

The first chia seed pudding recipe we discovered was this one. It’s called Three Ingredient Banana Pudding, and it literally is three ingredients. Coconut milk, chia seeds, and bananas. The recipe calls for making it in advance so it has time to thicken, but rarely are my kids able to wait once they’ve made it (kids’ cooking alert! This is one they can do all by themselves). It also suggests making it in the food processor, and we usually do, but in a pinch we’ve quickly mashed the bananas, added the other ingredients, and it’s turned out just fine.

Chia Parfait

If you’re not a big banana fan (I’m not) this second recipe is more versatile and allows you to use berries. My favorite! I made it with frozen blueberries for the following day’s breakfast, and my girls eagerly spooned it into parfait glasses layered with oats first thing in the morning. We’ll try diced strawberries next time. The recipe calls for “1/2 to 1 cup of almond milk,” but in my opinion, a half a cup of a range is a bit much. I stuck with the full cup, and it thickened nicely. If you avoid nuts, I suspect this would work just as well with coconut milk, rice milk, or even dairy milk. As I said, we layered it with oats. Be careful to make a thin layer of oats, as they are dry and not flavorful. The next time I made it, we used granola, which was much more palatable.

Our foray into the world of chia seed puddings continues.  If you’ve found a favorite recipe, please share below.  To find out what’s new in our kitchen, stop by, or become a fan on Facebook.  Peruse past blogs and keep current with new blogs at