mural 005

What a crazy week! I am burning through my  to-do list! Besides my usual duties as a chauffeur, chef and maid, I am catching up on some home improvement projects. It seems once you have children everything comes to a halt for oh, let’s say the first five years.

With so many things happening at once, we haven’t had much time to make crafts or experiments. Not that crafting is an executive function of motherhood, but it really keeps my kids occupied. They like to mix new colors with paint, or watch something explode with baking soda. That requires prep work, some space and time. This week I am feeling uninspired and crunched for time. My trusty friend Karen comes to the rescue with a giant piece of blue paper and coloring pages of sea creatures.

The girls eyes light up when they see the paper. They ooo and ahhh over the color and the size. We all go to work coloring our own page of creatures before we cut and paste onto the “deep blue sea.” My girls quickly decide something is missing- it needs some bling! Our perpetual mural is born! The next day we glue on jewels and add stickers. The day after that we use dot paints to make bubbles. Then we use glitter glue to make sea weed. Each day the girls realize the mural just needs a little something extra and really think about what they want to add. This mural project is a great way to let the kids unleash their imaginations and come up with their own plans for creating a scene. We love it so much it now hangs on the wall in our playroom.

mural 003

Here’s how you can make your own perpetual mural:

1. Paper– if you don’t have access to giant colored paper like this you can cut open a paper grocery or gift bag and use the inside. Stop by the dollar store for a roll of craft paper,  or you can even use a large piece of poster board.

2. Art supplies – let the kids gather their favorite stickers, markers, glue, photos, or coloring pages. Help them cut out shapes from a magazine, or let them add in touches of color with paint. You can start with a theme, or just start with a blank page.

3. Bling– you can never go wrong with shiny things. Use some plastic jewels, glitter glue or if you are brave enough -unadulterated fine grade glitter (that’s some expert level crafting right there).

4. Space– find an out of the way area on the floor to lay out your paper, or tape it to a wall. You want to leave the mural out where kids can come back to easily to add on to it.

5. Artistic freedom – keep your own ideas for your own projects. Allow your kids to spontaneously create a scene and add on embellishments. Encourage them and help them use scissors safely, or hand them stickers. Let them really enjoy the process of creating something on their own.

mural 007

Capture your summer vacation memories, or fall trips to the pumpkin farm by making a seasonal mural together with your kids. Add to it as much as you’d like at a pace that works for you! If nothing else you can sit back and enjoy the fact they are doing all the work… um, I mean being creative.


The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here