Well Spring has finally sprung and our gardens are all in full swing.  In our family we love to garden.  From tomatoes, flowers, cucumbers, herbs and everything in between.  In fact we have a rather large herb garden, even bigger than our veggie garden.  Some people think it is silly to “Waste” all that yard space, but I love the smells, the flavors and the amazing health benefits from the wide variety of herbs we have.

One of my all time favorite herbs that I use in nearly EVERY single meal is Parsley.

I know your thinking, “That green grassy garnish that use to be placed on every plate in every restaurant back in the 80’s?”  Yep that’s the one.   I can remember going out to dinner with my parents to The Ground Round and every time we would go I would get this big green piece of leafy “grass” on my plate, one time my dad said. “go ahead, eat it… I dare you”  So being the adventurous gal I have always been, I bit it.     I was surprised it didn’t have a ton of flavor.  Rather a fresh flavor, and yes almost grass like.  It wasn’t something we had in our garden growing up and it certainly wasn’t something we had on our dinner plates at home.   So to me it was that green leafy grass at The Ground Round.  Why in the world did it ever end up on my plate? I didn’t know, but I kinda enjoyed it.

As I grew older and took an interest in cooking and preparing meals I noticed that this herb was making it’s way back to the restaurant scene.   Only this time it was finely chopped and only in fancy fine dinning places.   So as I learned to cook and appreciate the fancy look of things, I purchased a container of dried parsley.  I added it to many things, not because it tasted like anything but it was “fancy”.006

As an adult I have come to realize I have a real passion for food and cooking.  I was instantly drawn to all the new cooking shows that were found on The Food Network.  Guess what I found them using, yes you guessed it…. Parsley.   Fresh, finely chopped parsley.  Guess what I started to add to all my dishes at home, yep again you guessed it fresh finely chopped parsley.


I found that every time I purchased it, it would go bad before I could use it all.   Soon I decided to start growing my own.   It was a dangerous thing right at my finger tips.   I truly had no reason for liking it so much, other than the chefs all used it on TV.    One evening over dinner my husband  finally spoke up and said ” What is all this green stuff in my potatoes? “Why must you use so much?”    I didn’t want to sound silly and say, “Isn’t it fancy?”   So, I refrained and went to do some research for my case.

The case of  Husband vs The Use of  TOO Much Parsley…..


I would have to say I was preparing a rather convincing case.  I found tons of information.

Parsley is actually a power house of an herb.


This is what I found ~

Parsley is highly nutritious and full of anti oxidants.

It also happens to be  the world’s most popular herb. ( I knew it – lol)

Parsley is high in Vitamin K,C & A.  It is also high in Iron & Folate.

Parsley has been known to~

Lower Cancer Risks

Freshen Bad Breath ( that was why it was used as a plate garnish )

Enhance Immune Systems & Promote Optimal Health

It is a known Natural Anti Inflammatory & Can prevent inflammation such as inflammation associated with arthritis

It is Heart Healthy

Has been used to treat urinary tract infections and many other bacterial issues as it has antibacterial properties.

So can you guess who won that case?  All I can say is:  We still grow our own parsley and not only is it still on all of our dishes as a garnish I now add it to smoothies, salads, marinades as much more…..  It truly is a power house herb!