Lunch is an ever-changing meal for us. Sometimes we’re packing lunch for field trips, other times we’re quickly transitioning between homeschooling and getting out the door for afternoon activities. Being gluten-free, the quick PBJ or turkey sandwich is not always an option, so we also have to be creative.


Salad for Lunch

We also eat a lot of green salads this time of year, but after a while the lettuce, cucumber, carrot, tomato line-up gets pretty boring. Sometime we toss in hard-boiled eggs, other times, grilled chicken, but the other day we were in the mood for neither. I looked into the pantry for inspiration and noticed a can of black beans. I remembered avocados and tomatoes ripening on the counter, some corn in the freezer, and presto, lunch. The proportions aren’t important- go with what you love, and vary beans or veggies to your liking. I’m fortunate that my kids aren’t picky and welcomed the different toppings in their salad. This was fast enough to create minimal mess, and didn’t heat up the kitchen. Perfect for a warm day when you want to eat and move on to enjoying the beautiful weather. This would also travel well for a picnic or day at the beach when you want something light.

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