Little Farmers

I have a secret fantasy to be a farmer. Seriously. I would love to be an actual farmer! My aunt and her family ran a dairy farm for many years. After seeing how messy cows and chickens are I have decided I’d like to grow veggies only. I day dream about riding on my tractor one lengthy row at a time… I don’t know what I’m planting, or what exactly my tractor is doing, but I just love the idea of being outside in the sun all day… alone. Ah.

In reality, I have a black thumb and a horrible sense of how to grow things. One year I planted my zuccini too close to my pumpkins and they grew into “pumpzinis.” That is the extent of my personal farming history. Until today! Today I joined my girls at the Kingston YMCA for their Little Farmers program. I didn’t get to ride any tractors, but we did have a good time reading about gardens, singing songs about rain and harvesting our own garden snack.

Our time as little farmers began with a few stories and a song about digging in the earth. The kids did a really great job sitting still and listening very intently! Also, how cute is this story shed?

July 2015 060

After story hour we had a scavenger hunt in the garden. Each parent/child team received a list of items to hunt for. We found garden tools, watering cans, something yellow and tall and even a worm. (Not mom’s favorite).

July 2015 062

Once kids found a watering can they had the job of watering any plant they picked. (The sunflowers were our top choice).

July 2015 065

July 2015 063

Then it was time to harvest our snack! We each pulled out our own little carrots and washed them off. We peeled them and dipped them into homemade pesto! It was so fresh and delicious!

July 2015 079

The YMCA Farm Project is located in Mid Town Kingston on a quarter acre of property. This garden produces organic veggies which are available for purchase at various locations. In short, the programs mission is to offer young children and teenagers an education on where their food comes from, how to grow food and build a foundation for healthy food choices. The Farm Project also increases the local community’s access to farm fresh food.

July 2015 066

There isn’t a set fee to participate in this toddler/preschool program. The cost is a sliding scale fee of $5-$15 and parents attending can decide how much to pay. Financial assistance is available; please contact the farmer. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

Special thanks to our farmer KayCee Wimbish, and Hudson Valley Mom Heather Bunch for organizing such a wonderful, hands-on educational experience for kids! My little family enjoyed every minute of our time in the garden today!! Little Farmers program runs every Wednesday from July 1-August 19.  10-11:30 AM. in Mid-town Kingston.

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