I have a child who is a total planner like me. She will set up a social event in a matter of minutes and spares no details:

“Hey, mom you know what would be a great idea?”


“An ice cream social!! We’ll need bowls and spoons and napkins! And, how about some sprinkles to go along with our ice cream?!!”

“OK, sure!”

And, just like that I am sending out invitations to her friends parents asking if they’d like to join us for an ice cream social.

When you are four and a half the ice cream flavors do not matter. What matters is that you have enough friends to share your ice cream with! So, we invited our group of usual playmates to one of our favorite parks to play and enjoy some sundaes!

How To Host An Ice Cream Social:

Ice Cream SocialCheck List

1. Keep it simple. You do not need to spend hours, or even a few minutes on Pinterest. Just grab our handy checklist and a cooler! Add in all the items on the list and you are good to go!

2. Get by with help from friends. You supply the ice cream and ask your guests to bring their favorite toppings! Everyone has something different to add and the kids love the variety. Plus, it keeps the party expense minimal. If no one wants to bring a topping they can certainly bring the paper goods, or spoons.

3. Get Organized. No need to spend hours hand writing invites, or creating a paper master piece that will only end up in the trash. Create a Facebook event page. You can create your guest list, distribute party details and round up RSVP’s all in one place! It’s quick and easy!

End of School Ice Cream Social (1)

There is no better combination than summer time and ice cream! Except when you top it with friends!

What is your favorite way to top your ice cream sundae?