On hot summer day, it’s often too hot to justify doing much baking.  I tend to make an exception when oodles of zucchini or berries are upon us and waiting to be baked into muffins, breads, and pies, but we’ve been eating our produce too quickly to have any left over for baking.  One other fun exception is popovers.  We discovered them a few years ago and were delighted with their versatility.. soft and puffy for breakfast, welcomed as a side dish for dinner… popovers!  Although not my recipe, I share it with you here as another gluten-free alternative that I have successfully made and recommend.

The popovers pictured above came from this recipe.  Be sure to use a good gluten-free flour blend, with xanthan gum, so that they “pop” nicely.  While a special popover pan is probably fun to use, they were made in a good, old-fashioned 12-cup muffin tin.  They went wonderfully with breakfast on this particular day, but they’ve accompanied dinner, soup, even a picnic on occasion.

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