Frozen Dino Dig (1)

Wow Hudson Valley is it hot enough for ya? Phwew!! I knew we were having a hot spell when I broke into a sweat getting out of bed. OK, that may be partly due to being out of shape. But, still it has been hot!

So, after play dates at the pool, eating our ice cream, visiting the library and watching movies inside we were still in need of some cool ideas. My go to idea to chill on a hot day is ice cubes. What can we do with ice cubes? Well, last year we froze mini dinosaurs in ice cube trays for our bath. It was a great way for the kids to cool off and settle down after all of our summer activity. The kids LOVED it! We also enjoyed adding different ice shapes to our water play.

This year… we froze our dinosaurs in a big bowl of water. How else do you get dinosaurs out of the ice? You smash them with a hammer! What kid doesn’t love smashing things?

If you have dinos, a big container and running water this is one easy and fun project!

July 29 blog pics 046

We literally added our favorite dinosaurs to the bowl and filled with water. Then we placed in the freezer. As you can see by the bubble inside we did not freeze these over night as we should have.

July 29 blog pics 047

But, the results were still pretty cool!

July 29 blog pics 050

We gave the girls a rubber mallet and let them take turns breaking the dinosaurs out of the ice! It’s a little scary just how much kids enjoy getting to smash things.

July 29 blog pics 051

I sent the kids and hubby outside with the dinosaurs while I stayed inside (with the cool air conditioning) to make dinner. It was a win-win for all! The kids had fun and I had a few moments of peace. Ahhh.. We already refilled our bowl for tomorrows smash fest. I think it will be neat to fill up a few bowls and cube trays to add to our kiddie pool. Not only does it keep the kids cool, but it adds to their creative play.

How are you all keeping cool this summer?