Summer 15 037

I am so thrilled that we can officially cross Trevor Zoo off of our Summer Bucket List!! After hearing so many moms talk about taking their kids we decided to find out what all the buzz is about.

Trevor Zoo is located in Millbrook, NY. A fun fact about the zoo is it is actually part of a high school. We saw many of the students working the grounds today. But, we were more distracted by the giant, noisy wood chippers and tree trimming equipment being used. Sadly, so were many of the animals we came to see. Several of them stayed inside their little shelters and did not come out. Despite the distraction we had a pretty good time!

This little zoo is home to 180 animals and 80 different species. We did not know what to expect when we arrived, but were so thrilled to see Lemurs, a Tamerine, a Raven, Emu, Kangaroos, Otters, Cranes and several varieties of reptiles. Once you pay the admission ($5/per adult and $3/per child) you are free to roam six full acres of well maintained zoo life.

Summer 15 036

I discovered immediately the secret to the charm of this little zoo. It isn’t the exotic animals. It isn’t getting to see Archer fish up close. It’s that you can take your oldest kid and your youngest kid and still have a great time. My 19 year old nephew came with us and had just as much fun seeing the red panda as my four year olds. It was heart warming for me to see them all having fun together. One other important detail I noticed is the walkways are all paved. You can push your stroller (or even a wheel chair)through with no problems!

This was a really fun and inexpensive outing for us. We will definitely go back! Next time I may stop off at one of the many farm stands along the way!


The parking lot is a short walk from the zoo. But, the path is clearly marked and leads you directly to the zoo gate.

Food is not allowed in the zoo. But, feel free to bring your lunch and tailgate in the parking lot.

Feeding times are posted outside of the lemur building (the first building you pass as you get to the main zoo area). If you gather during those times you will get to see staff feeding the animals and they share fun info about the animals.

If the kids get a little antsy from being in the stroller, there is a tiny park they can safely and easily stretch their legs in.

Summer 15 030

Even though most of the area is shaded by trees don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

Be sure to bring your camera! How often will you be this close to a baby kangaroo?

Summer 15 022

Don’t forget to check out the Hudson Valley Parent field guide before heading to the Trevor Zoo! Find other insider tips on local family outings in this guide! Enjoy!

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