Fun things to do inside on rainy day

The next few days are supposed to be really rainy. Normally my kids and I enjoy playing in the rain. But, with an impending hurricane coming up with coast causing heavy winds… well, big trees and heavy winds do not mix well. So, we find ourselves inside until all the rain and 80 mile an hour winds blows over.

What’s a mom to do to keep the kiddies entertained while inside? It is very tempting to throw on the TV, but that only buys me a short window of time. I use that time for things like dishes, reading, drinking tea and enjoying the silence in another part of the house. I like to keep a few simple projects at the ready when we all start to get a little antsy.

For the older set (age 4-6+) you can make a book. Go online to find coloring pages to print out. Punch holes in the sides and tie with favorite string or ribbon. Then your kiddo can color and create. If you have a particularly creative kid, make a book of blank pages and help them write and illustrate their own story.

Make your own book

We put together this leaf book. My girls are working on hand writing skills so I like that it has a place to trace the name of each leaf. You can find your free leaf printables here.

Making a leaf book

Someone gifted us some kinetic sand. My kids love, love, love this! So, they each have their own box of sand to play with. I added in some digging tools and little rocks and gems they can use to dig up treasure. When the girls were younger I made them beach boxes with salt as sand, and colorful rice boxes. This way if it made its way to their mouth I wasn’t so worried.

A beach in a box

For any age you can print out coloring pages from to keep near the crayons and markers. (P.s. they also have adult coloring pages! I know!!). Sit down and color with your kiddo. They will love sharing the activity with you and it is the perfect time to point out shapes, colors, letters, and more.

Kids love play dough! You can use the store bought, or make your own. We love making our own with Kool Aid. It makes some really neat colors and makes the play dough smell so good. Make your own play dough recipes typically call for ingredients found right in your own kitchen. If you do not have creme of tartar, you can substitute lemon juice. This won’t change the consistency of the dough, but it won’t last as long.

Of course our really little ones (ages 10-24 months) love a good cardboard box and some bubbles. You could spend hours alone investigating these! If you have an empty box, or even a plastic wipes box, try hiding things inside for your kid to find. You can use wash cloths, burp cloths, favorite soft toys, rattles, other boxes. They will love the chance to explore and learn how to open and close the boxes. If you really want to blow their mind put a small mirror inside for them to find. Whoa! Sit your kid in a box and blow bubbles over them to really have some fun! (We like to blow our bubbles over a carpeted area when inside. It prevents anyone from slipping in the ‘bubble juice.’).

No empty boxes? A laundry basket works great! To keep my girls entertained when they were little toddlers I’d load them up in the laundry basket and give them a ride through the house making choo-choo sounds. They absolutely loved it. Of course they could have spent hours upon hours being shuttled around. But, mom wore out pretty quickly. Pushing around two kids is twice the work, but twice the pay off in giggles.


So there are some easy quick things to do with the kids over the next few days while the rain keeps you inside. You don’t even have to leave your house. Just get a little creative with whatever you already have in your home!

What are some fun inside, rainy day things your kids love?


The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.