Zucchini carrot fritter.  I could give them all kinds of introductions, but zucchini, carrots, and fritters kind of speak for themselves.  I had some fresh zucchini to finish up and found the recipe online.  The fritters were fried in the recipe, but I wanted to bake them to make it a little healthier, and skip the step of standing in front of the stove for multiple batches. As in the recipe, I allowed the zucchini to sit after shredding, and squeezed it in a clean dishtowel to remove extra liquid.  Instead of whole wheat pastry flour, I used a gluten-free blend, which worked perfectly.  If you’d like to involve your kids in dinner, mixing and shaping these would be a great task.  When baking, I lined the pans with parchment paper so they wouldn’t stick, and sprayed each side of the fritter with a very light mist of olive oil from my Misto.  They took about 20 minutes on each side, but it was easy to leave them and prepare the rest of dinner and fold some laundry while they baked.


These fritters were a hit.  Small and dainty, they weren’t too heavy since they hadn’t been fried.  Even though neither of my kids like zucchini by itself, they loved it this way.  The fritters accompanied breaded fish and mixed vegetables beautifully, and I was sad to find no leftovers. Fritters-2 To see what’s happening in our kitchen, or to share what’s going on in yours, please stop by, or become a fan on Facebook.  Have a great weekend!