This week my girls discovered the McDonald’s salad container I was eating out of looked very similar to a UFO. So, they decided to decorate their own UFO’s in honor of Halloween! I know UFOs are not a traditional part of Halloween, but when you are five anything goes. Now, you can’t have an empty UFO, so we made aliens to go inside.

What you’ll need to make this:

  • Clean, empty salad container from McDonald’s (or other fast food chain)
  • Imagination
  • Play Dough/modeling clay
  • Decorations or other random stuff from your art cart

The girls painted the inside bottom half of the containers with glow in the dark paint, and used stickers to decorate the top half of the container.

glow in the dark paint

As the new paint job on the┬áspace ships dried, the girls started crafting their aliens using modeling clay. (Modeling clay isn’t as soft as Play Dough so it really works the little fingers).

playing with modeling clay

They added googly eyes. Well, one eye and one horn. I admit the girls may have been influenced by the Flying Purple People Eater song we were listening to earlier.

one eyed one horned purple people eater

pink people eater

Someone decided it was a monster vs. alien theme and converted their alien to a monster. It didn’t look “monstery” enough compared to the alien. So, I helped add clothes pin legs to give the monster a larger presence.


After crafting two UFOs, a monster and an alien the girls decided it was time to play. This was the part where I just sat back and listened to the stories they made up about the alien landing on Earth and meeting the monster for the first time. After playing for nearly 45 minutes, they decided both the monster and the alien will need a nap. So, they selected items for their little creatures to snuggle with. I made the little teddy bear (thanks clay sculpture class from 1998 for the skilz).

alien nap time

Final UFO

The finished product. Our crazy mish-mosh UFO from our imagination. So these aren’t upscale sculptures going for thousands of dollars, but this proud mama thinks they are priceless. My kids saw a master piece in this ordinary container. They were inspired and followed through with zero instruction from me. They created something from nothing and saved this salad bowl from the landfill.

My kids are saving the planet … one recycling project at a time.

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