DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Have you ever heard of magic reindeer food? Last year we were given a packet from Santa during one of the Christmas events we attended. My kids couldn’t wait to sprinkle it outside for the reindeer on Christmas Eve! Just like that a new tradition was born! Now, we let the girls sneak outside in their pajamas to sprinkle the magic reindeer food on our lawn. This is supposed to help Santa and his reindeer find our home.

This is so super easy to make that anyone can make it! Get your toddlers in there to help mix it up! All you need is a few simple ingredients you probably already have a bowl and a spoon (or mix in a jar and shake). 


1 Canister of Rolled oats

1 canister of your favorite color glitter

1 canister of “star dust” or translucent glitter

Packaging materials (glass mason jar, plastic baggies, or other clear container)

how to make reindeer food

First, we added silver glitter to the bottom of the jar.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Next, we scooped in our rolled oats. (Use the dollar store kind. Save the non-GMO, organic, gluten free, EXPENSIVE oats for breakfast!).

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Then we topped the oats with our next layer of glitter AND our dash of star dust! The translucent or “clear” glitter really adds an extra sparkle. And calling it star dust makes it sound more magical. Let your children pour in as much glitter as they think this recipe needs. You can never have too much glitter! If anyone tells you differently, well… you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

Put the top on and shake! You can decorate your jar and tie a bow at the top!

DIY Magic Reindeer Food in jar

After we made a jar for ourselves the girls decided we needed to make some little packets to hand out to their friends at school. So, we mixed our next batch in a big bowl and scooped 2 TBSP of the magic food into our clear treat bags. I used tape to seal them (not a fan of staples for little kids). Then we added a festive little poem instructing how to use. I found these free labels at Always The Holidays.

DIY Magic Reindeer Food

How easy is that?! If you want to make a more animal friendly recipe you can use colored sugar crystals and Christmas shaped mini candies. The glitter really creates a sparkling effect and it washes away in the rain. It gives kids a feeling of magic!

Have you ever made Magic Reindeer Food with your kiddos before?

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