The Eve Before Christmas

Here it is, the eve of Christmas. Are you all ready? Did you make all your Pinterest crafts and wrap all the gifts? Or, will it be a marathon night of wrapping? Did you send out the perfect holiday cards, or make sure you at least had the perfect family holiday pics taken? If not, then don’t worry. None of these things makes it Christmas.

Every year we worry about ticking off every tradition from our holiday to-do list. There are just certain things that make it feel like Christmas for each of us. For some it’s eating the same foods on Christmas Eve, or attending the same church services with family. To others it’s putting out the same stocking you put out when you were a kid and using the same cookie recipe your mother’s mother did generations ago. Skipping a year of those traditions can make it feel like we’ve missed something. But, in reality open a window to new possibilities.

Growing up we rarely had the same tradition twice. Holidays were hectic because my mom (a single mom) more often than not had to work on Christmas. I always thought when I grow up I’ll have a set list of traditions every year so that we won’t miss a single thing! But, now that I am a parent it’s more fun to make the holidays our own. We do not do the Elf on the Shelf, or create elaborate traditions that require tremendous upkeep. We like things simple and celebrate the gift of being together. It’s too stressful to keep up with what other people have.

Besides, I like the offbeat traditions we have. We like to hang a pickle ornament for each kid to find after all the other gifts are open. It’s the same gift every year, a tall chocolate Santa.

 pickle gift

We like to give joke gifts too, or wrap them in a silly way. This year my girls picked out a box of Star Wars cereal to give their dad. We wrapped the box, then stuffed it inside another box and wrapped that. We continued this for three more boxes! The giant box will be waiting under the tree on Christmas morning, but hubby really has to work hard to get to his marshmallow Yodas.

yoda gift

I can’t wait to hear my girls laughing and watching them make silly memories. To us that’s what Christmas is about. Not having all the perfect decorations, beautiful bows and everything we want under the tree.

So, if you’re feeling like there is something missing this year because you don’t have ______ [fill in the blank], or you didn’t get to do ___________ this year. Maybe it is a good time to introduce something new to the lineup. It’s OK if your holiday doesn’t look like those pictures on Facebook. So, what if you didn’t get to see Santa 13 times this year? You are making your holiday your own, that’s what everyone remembers.

Here it is, the eve of Christmas and your day looks different than everyone else’s. You may not have reindeer food, or an Elf on the Shelf, but you have each other. If you wake up warm in the morning ready to hug your loved ones gathered under one roof, then that is the best tradition of all.


Merry Christmas! 

(And Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Festivus! Happy Holiday!).

The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.