We’re going to a New Year’s Eve party tonight, and my daughter asked if she could make cookies to bring.  As we got out our usual recipe, we remembered that one of the friends that will be there has a nut allergy.  I recalled another recipe we had enjoyed before, so we looked it up and were happy to see it’d be safe.  If you have someone avoiding gluten, soy, and nuts, these are a great alternative. They do call for both shortening and butter, but the substitution of dairy-free butter would likely yield cookies which are just as delicious.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

This recipe is described as being similar to the Archway Iced Oatmeal Cookie that you may remember growing up.  I have fond memories of Archway Cookies.  Quite truthfully, I didn’t find these cookies to be that similar, but they are amazing cookies nonetheless.  I found that the chocolate chips made them sweet enough that an icing was not needed, so we skipped it this time.  They’re fairly easy to make- my almost-eight-year old was able to do everything herself other than blend in the butter and shortening into the dough.  There are lots of opportunities within this recipe for kids to help out– and before you know it, you may have little ones who can do the whole thing alone!  Let young kids start by pouring and mixing, and graduate to reading the recipe, measuring ingredients, scooping dough onto cookie sheets, and learning how to use the oven and timer.

Make a batch of these cookies for someone special, and enjoy some quality time baking with your little ones.  Eventually, they’ll even learn to clean up after themselves, I promise!

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