Last week I was really feeling on top of things. I was ahead of the game a bit and had some work pre-loaded, laundry was put away and things felt pretty balanced. Then I got sick with some weird virus. For two whole days I was in bed. Doing nothing. Well, I was breathing, so that’s technically something. 

When I am down for the count like that my husband can keep us reasonably afloat for approximately 27 1/2 hours before hell breaks loose and he starts asking questions about food and where I put stuff. By then the twins won’t want daddy to help any more they want mama. Sigh. 

I try to not let my mounting to-do list bother me. But, it does. At the top of the list is the class Valentine’s Day party. Oh, Lort if my kids miss that party I will hear about it for another year. Like daily. Ugh. They need to get better fast! And, I need something easy to make!

I finally rally and the next three days go by in a blur of sick kids and snow days. I can’t get out of the house to go get two 99 cent boxes of valentine’s. I asked hubby but his response requires a 12 step explanation so I decide we’ll make them with whatever we have here! 

That’s what we did. The night before the big party we made 52 valentines out of stationary cards and stickers. I let the kids fill out whatever they wanted inside the card and helped them spell stuff they couldn’t figure out. I am not sure if my one kid wrote more than just her name, but the cards are done and I am done and that’s all that matters. I still have to pack lunches, set out back packs, write THIS BLOG and return emails. Did I mention I am done with the cards?

The Whatever Mom (5)

Stuff I found in my craft drawer.

Half way through making the cards I realize I still need to make snacks. This is where I really shine. I make cute food that kids love. (Just not my kids). Thankfully, a friend of mine shared the tip to cut out heart shapes from blocks of cheese using a small cookie cutter. Forty-five minutes later we have mini cheese hearts for 26 kids. I am sure it didn’t take the person posting pretty pics of heart shaped cheese to Pinterest 45 minutes to make their hearts. But, they also probably weren’t helping a pair of twinadoes sign their names 26 times while simultaneously crafting shapes from cheese. 

The Whatever Mom (6)

Behold. The power of cheese.

I know I share fun crafty things each week, but not every week with kids is colorful and fun. Kids get sick. Moms get sick. Stuff still needs to be done. We just have to do whatever we can to wrap up all that reality in a less hideous bow and move on. 

So, this is me moving on to packing lunches for tomorrow. I haven’t grocery shopped yet either. Tomorrow we rock a classic lunch. One good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich and two Oreo cookies with a bottle of water. Oh and a platter full of heart shaped cheese.

Excuse me while I clear a space for my Mother of The Year Trophy.


The Whatever Mom is a full-time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.