Before it gets too warm for soup, I had to sneak one more in there.  My favorite thing about soup is how many different vegetables I can include, and that everyone says, “Yum,” as I fill the bowls.  Soup is filling without being too heavy, and usually a healthy meal.  It’s also easy to vary the protein (beans, shredded chicken, mini meatballs, sausage) to keep it fresh.

Tuscan Sausage Vegetable Soup


I came across some local, fresh zucchini on sale this week and it was the inspiration for making this soup.  My kids typically love vegetables but turn down zucchini, unless it’s in soup or zucchini bread.  I spent some time online looking for a soup recipe that included zucchini other than our usual Minestrone, and found one that called for tortellini.  While I love, love, love tortellini, it’s not easy to find gluten free and super expensive at the health food store.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any before making the soup, and had also seen a recipe for a similar recipe that used sausage instead of pasta.  I decided to make the substitution this time around.

Following this recipe quite closely, I made almost no changes.  I used oregano instead of rosemary, and Trader Joe’s chicken sun-dried tomato sausage (no pork casing- yeah!) in lieu of the tortellini.  I sautéed the sausage separately and put slices of it into each bowl when serving the soup.  I’ll try it with the tortellini next time, but plan to cook it separately rather than in the soup itself as the author mentions.

By the way, the soup was delicious.  I made an herb focaccia bread to go along with it (Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread) and it was perfect for dipping.  I had to pack the soup in thermoses and bring along since we had to eat dinner in between my kids’ evening activities, and none of us could wait till it was dinner time.  I’ll definitely make this one again, and leftovers were great for a quick lunch.

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