Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

This week has been all about rainbows at our house. We’ve colored rainbows, made macaroni art rainbows and now we are making homemade water color paints in rainbow colors of course!

Have you watched that video going viral on Facebook of how to make water color paints out of pantry supplies and ice cube trays? Well, I thought with the amount of painting my girls do it would be economical to make our paints in large cubes. Plus, it is a fun project to keep them busy. So, here is a look at what we did!

Recipe: 1 cup of baking soda

3/4 cup vinegar

2 TBSP Corn Syrup

1 cub corn starch

Food coloring

Start by adding baking soda to glass measuring cup or bowl. Next slowly pour in the vinegar (it will get fizzy which the kids love). Add in the corn syrup and the corn starch next.


Have you ever mixed cornstarch and water together before? It makes this crazy consistency of a solid that kind of melts into a liquid. It’s pretty cool to play with. Don’t be alarmed that the more you try to stir this the less it seems to mix together. It will go between a solid and a liquid between stirring. Don’t worry you’re doing it right!

paint whisk

Next pour the mixture evenly into ice cube trays. Be careful not to fill all the way to the top! Once you add in your food coloring and try to stir you will spill all the colors into one! Paint mix

There was plenty of this mix to make two trays of paints. The first tray we made a rainbow of colors.

rainbow mix

The next tray we made all green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (and because the kids used all the red dye in the first tray of paints).

green paint

Once you have mixed all your colors, leave the trays out over night to dry. I attempted to freeze one tray to get it to dry faster. But, it just melted and became liquid again. So, I left both trays out on our counter. Both trays still have a fine layer of liquid color sitting on the top of each cube. I think that is from the corn syrup. These paints look just as shiny as the new sets at the store.

This is a really great activity to pull out on a rainy day. What better way to brighten your day than to paint a rainbow?! This is a messy project so be sure you use a tray, or newspaper underneath. Food coloring does stain so wipe up any drops right away so you don’t leave behind spots on your counter tops. When the kids are ready to paint make sure they are wearing clothes that are OK to get messy in.

This was a really fun project to make with the kids. They enjoyed making their own paints and getting to be a part of the process. If only they were as excited to clean up after these sorts of projects.

The Whatever Mom is a full-time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. She enjoys the pure rush of cleaning the BIG potty between loads of laundry. It is her dream that moms everywhere accept and embrace the Whatever Mom philosophy which can be found here.