Breakfast cookies.  An oxymoron, perhaps, but a delicious one.  Sometimes you need something to grab during a busy morning, but it doesn’t have to be something that will lead to a processed-food sugar high.  Followed by that infamous slump shortly thereafter.  You get my drift, we’ve all been there. When I pay attention, I can clearly identify those energy (and mood!) ups and downs caused by poor food choices.  These breakfast cookies are a way around that- just enough sweetness to satisfy your I-survived-another-week, Friday morning desires, but not so much sweetness that you regret it in an hour.  They can be made in advance, even frozen, so they’re ready and waiting when you need them.

I discovered this recipe about two years ago, and it’s continued to haunt me. Sometimes they just pop into my mind, and I want them.  Yet they’re filled with four kinds of fruit, no added sugar, and no grains.  So I’m pretty okay with it.  Even for breakfast.  Even with the word “cookie” in the title.

Paleo Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

Paleo genius Danielle Walker of Against All Grains created these beauties.  Her story is inspirational; she basically healed herself of an autoimmune illness through complete diet change.  I’ve made them many times.  This most recent time, I changed them up a bit to reflect the contents of my pantry.  A few quick changes:

I was out of almond butter, and considered subbing peanut butter.  I googled my alternatives and found a way to approximate almond butter with almond meal and almond milk.  I had both, perfect.  I scooped a little less than ½ a cup of almond meal into a measuring cup, and then topped it off with almond milk twice.  It absorbed the milk, and formed a nice paste that worked just right.

I was out of dates. What?  I know.  For each of the six dates called for in the recipe, I used two prunes.  I tried this another time too, and I remember not noticing a difference.

Instead of currants and cherries, I used raisins and cranberries. I’ve done this before as well.  Yum.

Finally. I decided to add two tablespoons of chopped chocolate.  Why the heck not? It’s been a long week.  I’ve made these with and without the chocolate, they’re great no matter what.

Fifteen minutes in the oven, and they were crisp on the outside, just a little soft on the inside.  Everyone was happy. My kids couldn’t wait for them to cool so they could have one.  Neither could I.

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