BBQ season has arrived.  My husband is delighted with the possibilities– ribs, and burgers, and steak, oh my!  Personally, I’m not such a huge BBQ fan, especially since I only eat poultry (and grilled salmon- but it has to be marinated just right first).  This weekend my husband had meat cooking in the smoker, and we decided to give the grill a break.  We were in the mood for pulled chicken, as it’s got that BBQ flavor without having to heat up the flames.  I sifted through lots of recipes before finding one that looked good (and didn’t call for vinegar- so many do).  I love that we could enjoy a delicious BBQ-type dish without having to stand in front of the heat (or warm up the kitchen) on a hot day.

Pulled Chicken

Slow Cooked Pulled Chicken

This recipe combined a few choice ingredients and looked like something the family would enjoy.  I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory and Brown Sugar BBQ sauce as the base, adding the extra ingredients as called for in the recipe.  For future reference, an 18 oz bottle is just the right amount.  I doubled everything since we were having company.  We ate it for lunch three additional days, and I have to say, I was sad to see it gone.  I love leftovers, especially when everyone enjoyed the meal and looked forward to eating it again.  Such an easy meal- the crockpot really does all of the work.  It can be served in a sandwich, but being gluten free, we enjoyed it without bread, and didn’t miss it a bit.  This is definitely a recipe to hold onto for the dinner rotation!

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