Creating Children's Thank You Cards

I know I am one of the last few moms on the planet that fully insists her children send thank you cards. We send them after birthday parties, for the surprise gift and for holiday gifts from friends and family. And now we send them to our teachers at the end of the year.

Everyone likes to be thanked for their hard work. My kids are NOT easy humans to deal with. I totally get it. I don’t own enough cash to throw at the teachers and therapists that have worked with us over the years. I would gladly go broke letting them know how much we appreciate their hard work. Sadly, I am already broke so that leaves me with heart felt, handmade gifts.

Kissing hand cards

Every day when I drop my girls off at preschool they extend their tiny hands out and ask for, “a kissing hand mama?” If you have never read the book The Kissing Hand you have to add that to your list of back to school must haves! A little raccoon is afraid he will miss his mom too much while away at school, so she gives him a kiss to keep in the palm of his hand to let him know she is close by.

This year the teachers at our preschool have given their hearts away to my kids each day. They have loved my little ones as their own and beyond- especially on those really trying days where I wasn’t so sure I even liked them. I thought a kissing hand would be appropriate for my girls to leave behind for their teachers.

kissing hand 3

This will make a lovely project to make on a rainy day, or a really hot day over the summer. Make a stack to keep on hand. Should there be an occasion calling for a thank you, let your little ones sign their names or write a word of thanks on the inside. Since the inside of the cards are blank you can really use them any time even if is simply “Thinking of You.”

I purchased a set of colorful blank note cards on clearance some time ago because I knew they are perfect for making our own cards! Start by laying out a group of cards, or blank pieces of paper. Place foam heart stickers in the middle of the card.

kissing hand 2

Have your child select a favorite color of paint and simply paint their hand. Then have them press their hand over the heart so that the heart is in the center of their palm.

Kissing hand 4

That’s it! Let the paint dry and your kids can start practicing their note writing skills and pop those beautiful cards in the mail, or deliver them personally. Today is our last day of school and we can’t wait to hand these over!

Why send thank you cards?

The rule of thumb for thank you cards is that you send a note only if the gift giver is not present to thank. Most often birthday gifts are not opened during parties any more. They are saved and opened at home. We only started opening gifts this last year and my kids thanked everyone individually. I was off the hook for thank you notes!

We often receive little packages of gifts from neighbors on our front door. So I make sure my kids make and write their own thank you cards each time we receive a surprise gift.

Little kids don’t send a text message or a mass Facebook post with a blanket thank you. Having my girls write their own thank you notes helps them connect to and really appreciate the person that gave them their gifts.

I think it’s cute when I get a thank you card on personalized kid stationary, but making it homemade just makes it feel more personal and less mass produced.

Hand written notes and cards of thanks are a much warmer way to connect. My girls may not grow up to share my love of note writing, but for now I think it is a wonderful and simple way for them to practice gratitude.

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