Fun FREE Mail for Kids

As a blogger I get a lot of fun things in the mail to review. I can get several packages a week delivered to my door. Each time my kids ask, “is that for me?” Of course I have to break the bad news and tell them, “Nope. This one is for mommy too.” After seeing their disappointed faces a few too many times, I began to wonder how I could get the kids some FREE fun mail delivered to our home.

Last year we tried to create our own city swap with a friend, but unfortunately we sent more than we received and my kids were disappointed. But it was a fun project! My family is too busy to send off a quick letter, or card so we can’t count on that for fun. It would be nice to get a subscription to their own magazines, but that would be a very limited amount of mail.

I asked around in various mom groups for ideas on how to get free fun mail for the kids this summer. Most everyone suggested a paid subscription, or starting a pen pal group. Since we are working on hand writing this summer a pen pal group will be a fun way to get some mail. But I wonder what else is out there. After a quick search in Google I found some really fun ways to get FREE mail for your kids this summer and through out the year!

Funmail 1


Use this database link to find a list of states that will send out tourism packets of info for their state. We sent away for free information for several different states. The first one to respond is Nebraska! My daughter was super excited to get an entire package delivered in her name. It came complete with a highway map and an adventure guide. Not only will your child be excited to get mail, but they could learn a few facts about different states; and you may find yourself planning your next vacation. Delivery times vary per state but allow 4-6 weeks for magazines/brochures to arrive.


Offers a free 2 year subscription for kids ages 5-13. You will need to provide your child’s birth date. Magazines are mailed 6 times per year January, March, May, July, September, and November. Each volume is full of LEGO news and behind-the-bricks interviews, comic adventures, games and puzzles, building challenges and Cool Creations built by LEGO fans, as well as sneak peeks at the latest sets and themes. Magazine age 5-9 and digital newsletter up to age 13.


Get an autographed photo of an Astronaut!! Have your child practice their hand writing by requesting a letter or signed photo from NASA headquarters!


PETA kids offers a one time Free Helping Animals Guide magazine.

Child Safe Kit

This kit will help you keep important data about your child on hand should they ever go missing. I know not exactly fun mail for kids to ask for, but it is a free kit that you can help your child send off a request for.


Monster Tree House Club ‘characters’ will write back and forth with your child with no form letters ever used.


Receive a free activity tool kit for  your child to enjoy.


Download the free activity book, or select the postal service icon and have a free activity book mail directly to your home.

funmail 3


Help your left handed child feel like everything is right in their world with a free membership to the Left Handers Club. Sign your child up to receive a free certificate and a unique “backwards” calendar.


Johnson and Johnson will send a free coloring activity book about nursing and what nurses do to help people. A great way to teach children about community helpers.

Funmail 2


If you have a dog or cat lover in the family this free issue is perfect. It’s a wellness magazine sharing tips on keeping your pets healthy.


Get 6 free issues for your little car/jeep enthusiast!


Upload a photo of you, making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly, as your pledge to help the Monarch butterfly. The sign for butterfly is made by linking your thumbs and crossing your two hands in front of you at the wrists with your palms facing you. After taking the pledge, you will receive one Butterfly Garden Starter Kit per pledge, while supplies last. Once you have your kit, learn how to garden and watch your wildlife garden bloom!


Just click where it says send me free seeds and get ready to save a bee!



Have your child request a letter from the White House. No matter your political affiliations, it’s still pretty exciting to get an official letter from the White House.



You can have your child write to their favorite Disney character and get a signed post card in return. It is a great keepsake for your child’s memory book.

Disney World will send you an autographed postcard when you write a letter to the following address:

Walt Disney World Communications

P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Disneyland will send you an autographed postcard when you write a letter to the following address:

Walt Disney Company

Attn: Fan Mail Department

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521



My kids LOVE DT! So I wrote to PBS Kids and asked if they send return letters to fans. They did not confirm a reply, but did give me an address where kids can send their fan mail.

The Fred Rogers Company

2100 Wharton Street ∙ Suite 700 ∙

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


There you have it! A bunch of fun things for your kids to get in the mail for free! Happy writing! Quick Tips: Don’t use your child’s full name on the address. Once you sign your child up their name may be added to additional mailing lists. To limit the amount of junk mail we get from these one time subscriptions, I use a “fake” name or use initials. If new mail I didn’t request shows up with the name I created I can trace it back to the source. Also, allow several weeks for delivery as all items ship differently.


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