We all have day when we feel overwhelmed before we even get out bed. Work deadlines, school assignments, kids’ schedules, grocery shopping, cleaning–we juggle so many tasks daily, and sometimes the pressure builds up and we blow up, lose our temper, say things we regret, and feel awful afterwards.
To avoid losing your cool, consider listening to this three-minute meditation to set a peaceful, positive intention for your day. Just the act of intending to stay calm and patient goes a long way to help us do that. Combine that with deep, mindful breathing and a withdrawal from the stresses of the world, and you are ready to tackle your day with ease of body and mind.
You can take these three minutes out of your day at any time you need to give yourself a time-out. You will thank yourself later for things you did not say and do out of anger. And your body will reap the benefits of deep breathing and calming thoughts.