In a society where so much is striving for our attention-music, television, video games, text messages–it’s challenging for any of us to stay focused, especially children who may have difficulty paying attention and completing tasks. Yoga helps us focus our attention in many ways:

  • Mindfulness: Paying attention to each movement as we do it keeps us focused in the present moment. Time seems to slow down, and our bodies and breathing patterns soften and relax.
  • Focus: In balancing poses, our minds center on maintaining balance and flow of breath. If the mind wanders, we will quickly fall out of the pose.
  • Attention to Breath: Each pose requires slow, steady breath. Our bodies move slightly in response to the breath, so rather than holding the pose like statues, we stay centered by feeling and responding to the inhalation and exhalation throughout the body.

Take a few minutes out of your day for these three yoga poses that will relieve stress, declutter your mind, help you focus and foster parent/child bonding.