Apples are every where this time of year. It seems everyone spends their weekend out picking apples, or baking sweet apple treats. Apple picking is by far one of the most routine fall activities, and a very popular family tradition.

We haven’t been able to get out just yet to harvest our bounty of apples, thanks to allergies making us feel crummy and the weather not cooperating. This passed weekend was dreary and we were sniffley, but we still wanted to celebrate our love of apples. So we got a little creative and made some apple prints. Even though we haven’t been to the orchard yet, we still had some apples on hand!



Apples, Knife, Cutting board, Paint, Paint brushes, Paper, Sponges, Table cover (I reuse left over plastic birthday table covers). *Optional: Clipboard to secure your paper.


Start by cutting your apples. We cut them in different directions to mix up the prints we get! You’ll notice that when you cut the apple horizontally you find a “star” inside the apple. My kids loved hearing this story about The Little Red House with No Doors and No Windows.  Another great story to share is the legend of Johnny Appleseed. Sharing some stories before, or after painting your apples makes this a fun way to learn and keeps the kids occupied longer.


Next you can use your paint brush to cover the surface of the apple with paint. We like to use more than just red. Apples come in so many colors! Why can’t we have a purple apple print? I keep sponges on hand for quick clean up, or to dab off the super amounts of excess paint my kids use.


After you apply the paint simply press the apple firmly to the paper. Lift to reveal a print of the inside of your apple. So easy!



We used our apple prints to make some cards to send to military troops stationed in Afghanistan. We thought they might enjoy a touch of fall in their new location. But you can frame your prints, make note cards or just hang up on the fridge when dry. It is a great way to use up any left over apples that have passed their prime, or just a fun way to pass the time on a rainy day.

What kind of fun fall apple traditions does your family have?


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