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I was so excited when we received the Wonderfile at our office. I knew this was what I needed to keep my papers in order. I live alone so the issue is not that I have to keep things from a husband or children, but I have to keep things away from my cats!! Actually one cat in particular – Lily. When Lily wants your attention she will do anything to get it, usually by knocking things over in the apartment, like plates, makeup, plants and especially my desk papers.

I wake every morning to all my papers on the floor. When I brought home the Wonderfile and opened it up on the desk and started to fill it, she was not happy, she sat right in the middle of it so I couldn’t fill it. I carefully picked her up and removed her. I proceeded to fill it with my papers and then folded it nice and neatly and placed it on the corner of my desk. When I woke this morning it was still in place! I don’t mind if she knocks it over, at least all my papers will still be in place. I have tried many other things, but they don’t work because when boxes or files are knocked over, papers come flying out. I love my new Wonderfile.

The other night I had the pleasure of going to see a play at the Railroad Playhouse on River Rd. in Newburgh. I suggest if you are looking to see something that will have you talking for days maybe weeks go see “Unframed” The play stars Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, he is a teacher, painter, poet, writer and playwright. He is originally from Antigua. He came here as a young boy and the play is about his life in Antigua and here in the US. It is a one man show, while Iyaba is telling you about his life he is painting a self portrait (literally). His message is simple and timeless, don’t judge a book (person) by its cover. Show Dates: May 13th, May 20th & May 21st @ 8 pm. Show not recommended for children.

I’m not one to believe all the emails I receive about scams going around, but over the weekend I was party to one of them that is currently out there. I was at a hotel when I received a call saying that the hotel’s system crashed and they needed to re-register me. I told them I would come down to the front desk and take care of it. They told me it would be easier to do this over the phone. They asked for my name, address, and credit card that I paid with. Stupid me gave my name and address, but told them I paid cash, with this “CLICK” they hung up. They were fishing for information. I felt really stupid even entertaining the caller. I was also upset that I gave my address, because now they knew I was not home. Lesson learned! Just a word of caution to all.

By day, I am a mild-mannered sales representative for Hudson Valley Parent magazine. By night, I am a sales associate at a local store in the Hudson Valley.  I love kids, I even have two of my own, but one question I have is; why do parents think when they bring their children into a store it’s a playground?  I see kids running up and down the isles, spilling their drinks on the floor, dropping food on the floor, throwing tantrums, running in between the clothes racks, and playing hide and seek in the dressing rooms.  If that is not bad enough, what about the men that think they need to follow their wives/girlfriends into the dressing room, because without their opinion there will be no purchase? Or, how about the women that return items saying “MY HUSBAND DIDN’T LIKE IT”, who cares??  Keep shopping and let me know what shopping nightmares you have encountered. It’s safe to vent here as you can see!

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