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WAHOO! LP’s (Little Pie, I forgot to explain my daughter’s nickname in my first post!) Christening went off without a hitch and she is feeling much better!  She was excellent in church, since she loves getting attention and everyone just happened to be looking right at her. HAHAHA

She was such a charmer at her party afterward too, except when someone prevented her from jumping in her bouncy chair. I think sharing may be an issue.  There were a couple of babies there under the age of 1 but one little girl in particular just started walked and hung on to LP’s bouncy chair while she was trying to jump.  OH NO ……… LP looked right at the little girl, tensed her arms and legs then let out an angry scream that scared the daylights out of the other little girl. The little girl started to cry, then crawled away and LP resumed her jumping.  What in the world am I going to do?!?!?! She is only 6 months old but has no interest in sharing, is it too early to worry about this?

The first time your baby is sick is horrible.  LP got sick for the first time early Saturday morning, she woke up around 2am, and all stuffed up with a runny nose.  I was heartbroken since I had no way to make her feel better.  I didn’t have any of the “essentials” in the house so I had to wait until the morning to run out to the store.  I was lucky enough that she took her bottle and went back to sleep but her cold only got worse throughout the night. 

Since there is no manual for raising kids, I had no idea what I should have had in the house.  My mom kept telling me that since we have dry heat in my house I needed to get a humidifier soon so LP wouldn’t get a stuffy nose but I didn’t realize it would be so beneficial if/when she got sick.  I ran out early the next morning to Babies R Us and picked up a Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier and some Vicks Baby Rub and it is working like a charm.  She wasn’t herself yesterday, meaning she wasn’t bouncy and smiley all day.  All she wanted to do was cuddle and sleep.  To make things even more complicated, LP’s Christening is on Sunday, so I really hope that she is better by then because who wants to sit in church with a sick baby?!?! NOT ME!!!!

What ‘baby essentials’ to you keep in the house for those “just in case” instances??

When my partner Stephanie and I had our baby last November, we took several classes in the months leading up to the due date. We found the information to be extremely helpful down the line. But perhaps even more important, we are still friendly with 3 couples we met at the classes.

Here  is the CRYSTAL RUN HEALTHCARE prenatal class schedule., with additional classes added for Middletown and Rock Hill.

 The classes, open to the public, first launched in April 2010. The program, designed by Crystal Run pediatricians, is intended to provide guidance and emotional support and help prepare expectant parents for the arrival of their new baby. ALL CLASSES HELD FROM 5pm to 6pm.

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