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Spring is officially here! The days are lighter longer and starting to warm up. It’s the perfect time to start planning a garden. Every year I say I’m going to grow everything and I make a plan, but someones cat will crush my tomatoes, or the pumpkins grow into the zucchinis. Learning to grow things can be frustrating. But, I really want my girls to see where all the veggies (they refuse to eat) come from.

I ordered this growing kit through a Scholastic classroom fundraiser. My kids could not wait to rip it open and get started.

It comes with it’s own seed packets, a double sided poster about plant life and a little growing box. My kids really don’t care what we grow, they just want to watch it grow. This little see through box will give them that experience! Not sure who is more excited here.¬†Garden kit

Here is what our project looked like:

garden poster.jpg

We read the plant poster to kick off the science part of it. But, my girls were just too excited to hurry up and plant the seeds.

We pooled our materials: potting soil, gloves, shovel and a tray to catch all the dirt that spilled over the sides as we scooped.

We filled the growing box with dirt, poked a small hole in the soil big enough to fit our seeds in. Covered it with a light layer of soil. We lightly watered so our seeds had plenty to grow on.

garden beans

garden carrots

We covered our garden growing kit with a Ziploc bag. The instructions say to use Saran wrap or plastic wrap. We had neither. So Ziploc baggie it is! This is just to help the soil to retain moisture and create a little greenhouse inside the box. After 12 days we should see the germinated seed start to sprout. Until then we check it every day and mark on the poster what progress we see.

garden kit cover

I thought we did everything right. That is until my kids pointed out that we forgot one very important step. We forgot to add the love. So, this picture is of them sprinkling their tiny seeds with love to make them grow faster. They are right. Everything we do should be done with love!

Are you building a garden this year? Do your kids like to help? Please share gardening tips with kids below!

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