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Growing up, chicken marsala was one of my favorite dishes.  I always ate it in a local Italian place, and couldn’t get enough of that rich sauce covering my chicken and noodles.  Since it was a “restaurant” dish, I was initially hesitant to make it at home, as I feared it could never come out well.  However, the more confident of a cook I became, the more excited I was to experiment with favorite dishes, and I be able to make them just how I liked them.  Equally as important, with kids in the picture, I loved being able to tailor favorite meals to the likes of my family, and control how healthy the dishes were.

An easy chicken marsala

After trying a few recipes, I fell in love with this one, which comes from McCormick.  The original recipe I have from their site called for one cup of marsala wine, rather than the ½ cup that this current version mentions.  I recommend the full cup, as it makes the flavor nice and full.  The dish comes together quickly, and served over egg noodles or brown rice, with a side of veggies and fruit, is so delicious and a complete meal.  Enjoy!

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